Robin Hood, the freedom hero

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German title Robin Hood, the freedom hero
Original title A Challenge for Robin Hood
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Publishing year 1967
length 96 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director CM Pennington-Richards
script Peter Bryan
production Clifford Parkes ,
Michael Carreras
music Gary Hughes
camera Arthur Grant
cut Chris Barnes

Robin Hood, the Freedom Hero (Original title: A Challenge for Robin Hood ) is a British adventure film from 1967 by CM Pennington-Richards . Peter Bryan wrote the script . It is based on the stories about the English legendary hero Robin Hood . It stars Barrie Ingham , John Arnatt , Gay Hamilton and James Hayter . The film first hit cinemas in July 1967 in Great Britain. It had its premiere in the Federal Republic of Germany on February 9, 1968.


Robin de Courtenay is betrayed of his inheritance by his cousin Roger and has to flee to the woods of Sherwood with his brother Tuck, the priest and confessor of the Courtenay family . But although Robin (in this film!) Is of Norman descent, he can - not least thanks to his shooting skills - take on the leadership role of the rebellious Saxons under the name Robin Hood. The King of England, Richard the Lionheart , was captured on his return journey from a crusade in Germany , and the evil John rules the country, sucks it off and has all those who dislike him murdered. One of his helpers is the deceitful Sheriff of Nottingham . Robin frees the captured Lady Marion Fitzwarren, the cousin is killed and the greedy sheriff has to flee. In the end, Robin and Marian become a couple. But the fight against the wrong authorities continues until King Richard returns home.


The lexicon of international films succinctly notes that the work is a "refreshingly staged historical adventure with witty dialogues". The Protestant film observer also comes to a positive verdict: “An entertaining adventure film of good quality. Riding, fencing and archery and last but not least the jokes of Brother Tuck let the audience go along with this light fare and enjoy themselves. For friends of the genre from the age of 12. "The Dirk Jasper FilmLexikon draws the following conclusion:" Unusual plot twists make this coat-and-sword film one of the most exciting variants of all Robin Hood films. "

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