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Kurt Klotzbach (born May 28, 1940 in Duisburg , † August 25, 1989 in Siegen ) was a German historian.


Although he has a strong musical disposition, he studied political science , medieval and modern history , constitutional, social and economic history and philosophy in Bonn . During his studies he joined the SPD and in 1965 was chairman of the regional association of the Social Democratic University Association in North Rhine-Westphalia . At the age of twenty-five he completed his studies with a doctorate from Karl-Dietrich Bracher with the thesis “The problem of the elite in political liberalism. A contribution to the state and social image of the 19th century. " From. From 1966 he worked in the research institute of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation . From 1968 he was head of the department for social and contemporary history. During the development phase, he was also head of the Foundation's archive of social democracy for a short time .

He had a considerable influence on the foundation's research into the social emancipation movements in Germany and Central Europe. In addition to his work for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, he became head of the Institute for Social History in 1974. After the death of the previous director, this moved from Braunschweig to Bonn. In recent years he has also played an important role on the board of the Reichspräsident-Friedrich-Ebert-Gedenkstätte Foundation in Heidelberg .


Klotzbach published articles on the history of workers and resistance , as well as on elite research . He combined political theories with history. His work “Against National Socialism. Resistance and Persecution in Dortmund 1930–1945 ” is considered to be a pioneering work in local labor and resistance research. Together with others, he published the "Programmatic Documents of German Social Democracy" in 1973. For the anniversary of the SPD in 1989 he published a collection of lectures. The "Bibliography on the History of the German Workers' Movement", first published in 1974 and expanded several times, is of considerable importance for teaching and research . His main work is “The Path to the State Party. Program, practical politics and organization of the German SPD 1945 to 1965. “ In it he traces the path from the traditional workers' party to the people 's party . Finally, he dealt in particular with the change in political culture . In addition to monographs, he published numerous articles.

As editor he published two series in particular. These were the “Publications of the Institute for Social History Braunschweig-Bonn” and in particular the “Series: Political and Social History” of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. He also exerted a considerable influence on the substantive focus and thematic expansion of the journal Archive for Social History .

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