Laura's shadow

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German title Laura's shadow
Original title I can make you love me
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1993
length 92 minutes
Director Michael Switzer
script Frank Abatemarco
production Frank Abatemarco , Ronald Gilbert , Joel Fields , Leonard Hill and others a.
music Sylvester Levay
camera Robert Draper
cut Mark W. Rosenbaum

Laura's shadow (Original title: I Can Make You Love Me , DVD title (GB): Stalking Laura ) is the title of an American television film from 1993 . The drama is based on a true story and starred with Richard Thomas and Brooke Shields .


The young software engineer Laura Black has just graduated and is looking forward to the chance of a lifetime: She was offered a job at the software company Kensitron in Silicon Valley . During a tour of the new company with your manager, Richard Farley, a colleague, visits him. Laura smiles and introduces herself - for her an act of courtesy, for Richard, however, the immediate beginning of a pathological love.

Convinced that he and Laura are meant for each other, he begins to woo her penetratingly. He surprises her with presents, invites her to meet and runs after her more and more often. On the side, Richard collects every information he can find about Laura. He grows more and more into the idea of ​​having a love affair with Laura, although she repeatedly makes it clear to him that she does not have or wish to have a relationship with him that goes beyond her job. Farley, however, persistently ignores the rejections.

More and more often Richard is lying in wait for his beloved Laura, even taking part in her aerobics class to be around her. At the same time, however, he stabbed her car tires at her home to demonstrate how vulnerable she was. Laura finally turns on the company management to get sanctions against Richard, but first Laura is given to understand that she might have provoked Richard to his behavior through her attractive appearance and demeanor.

Lauras finally feels compelled to look for a new apartment so that Richard can no longer pursue her. With a duplicate key, however, the latter gains access to Laura's office and sniffs around in private documents. Finally, he sends her a photo montage for Christmas showing them both as lovers. Laura turns to the HR department again. It is decided that he has to undergo psychological help. When Richard the supervisor who imposed the psychological sessions on him threatens to kill her if he should lose his job, he is fired.

Richard's harassment, however, continues in the form of letters and constant persecution in her private endeavors. Since his re-enactments are in the way of her promotion and also to finally have some peace from Richard, Laura obtains an injunction against Richard. He then covered up with weapons and went to his former company the day before the court hearing, where a rampage broke out in the course of which several people were shot. Laura is badly wounded, but in the end she is tortured to drag herself out of the building.

Real background

The plot of the film is based on a real-life event that occurred in California in the 1980s . Richard Farley (* 1948) met his then 23-year-old colleague Laura Black at the Electromagnetic Systems Labs in Sunnyvale in April 1984 as part of her job and fell in love with her. When Black rejected Farley's advances, Farley reinforced his advances.

Farley's stalking lasted over four years. The company management, which was brought in in autumn 1985, ordered Farley psychological counseling - without success. Half a year later, Farley was fired after threatening employees. His chasing after Laura Black continued to grow. During the four years she had to move four times to avoid Farley's stalking until she obtained an injunction against him in 1988. February 16, 1988, one day before the court date, we began to rampage of Farley, the heavily armed broke into the building of his former employer, killing seven people. Four people were injured, some seriously, including Laura Black.

The rampage lasted a total of five hours before Farley gave up. In 1991 he was found guilty of all seven murder cases and sentenced to death . Farley has since been held on death row in San Quentin State Prison. It was against the background of this case that California passed the first United States anti-stalking law.


  • The US import cooked up an American gunman case (killer takes revenge for spurned love) into an obligatory psychopath thriller and was less of a "big TV novel" than an ordinary fear hammer made up of four advertising blocks with a rampage in between.
Ponkie, AZ, September 11, 1993

"Average television thriller, whose short-winded dramaturgy is clearly tailored to the special needs of the medium."

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