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A Quiet or Leis (from Greek. Kyrie eleison "Lord, have mercy") is a medieval German-language hymn that on Kyrieleis , Kyrio-leis , Kirleis or Krles , later on Kyrieleison ends.

Quiet are among the oldest non-Latin liturgical chants. They arose in the 11th century from the liturgical custom of involving the congregation in the All Saints' litany and in Latin hymns through Kyrie calls . They are short, single-verse , usually four-line responsive responses in the vernacular to chants of the celebration of mass, especially to sequences on feast days of the church year . They were sung during processions and are an early expression of popular piety .

Since Martin Luther took up several quiet sounds and expanded them into chorals , they are also considered to be the pioneers of the evangelical hymn.

Quiet in the hymn book

The Praise of God and the Evangelical Hymnbook contain the following quiet words:

Evangelical hymns that take up the form of the quiet:

Modern hymns that take up the form of the quiet:

  • You child, at this sacred time (GL 254, EG 50), a modern Christmas tree by Jochen Klepper (1937)
  • Wood on Jesus' shoulder (GL 291, EG 97), a modern Easter holiday (Dutch by Willem Barnard 1963, German by Jürgen Henkys 1975)
  • My narrow limits (GL 437; EG-West / Reformed Church 600; EG-Hessen 584; EG-Württemberg 589; EG-Austria 574)


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