Leonhard Heinrich Ludwig Georg von Canngießer

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Leonhard Heinrich Ludwig Georg von Canngießer (also Canngiesser, Cannegiesser or Cannengiesser ; born May 22, 1716 in Wetzlar , † May 29, 1772 in Kassel ) was a German statesman .


Canngießer was the son of the secret war council and Prussian ambassador Conrad von Canngießer. He studied at the universities of Marburg and Halle the law , which he 1736 by Justus Henning Böhmer the dissertation De usu et commodis pacti de heaters' evictione in causis et privatis publicis defended. He then completed an internship at the Reich Chamber of Commerce in Wetzlar. In 1738 he became assessor at the Landgraviate of Hessen-Darmstadt in Gießen .

Canngießer mediated a dispute between Hesse-Darmstadt and Hesse-Kassel , whereupon Landgrave Wilhelm VIII of Hesse-Kassel appointed him a member of the government and higher appellate judge at the Kassel Higher Appeal Court . In addition, in 1753 he was appointed head of the Kassel post office . Landgrave Friedrich II of Hesse-Kassel promoted him to Privy Council when he took office in 1760 and appointed him President of the Higher Appeal Court in 1762. In 1764 he was also appointed Minister of Justice .

Canngießer also became a curator of the universities of Marburg and Rinteln . In addition, with his foundation in 1770 he held the office of Chancellor of the House Order of the Golden Lion .

Works (selection)

  • Dissertations iuridica usum et commoda pacti de praestanda evictione in causis privatis et publicis , Grunert, Halle 1736.
  • Collectio notabiliorum decisionum Supremi Tribunalis Appellationum Hasso-Cassellani , Kassel 1768–1771.


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