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The Liman of the Dniester River on the Black Sea (Ukraine)

A Liman (from Middle Greek λιμένας port, bay ; cf. also Ukrainian Лиман and Turkish liman ) is a lagoon-like beach lake on the coast of the Black Sea or the Caspian Sea .

These typical estuarine areas were created by a post-glacial rise in sea levels and led to the flooding of valleys. Due to the development of spits , limans were also cut off in large parts from the sea. The valleys flooded by the sea at Limanen are always perpendicular to the coastline.

Limane often look similar to lagoons or the lagoon because the coastline is designed as a spit . However, they originally do not contain any brackish water . If a sea penetrates into a shallowly incised valley system of a river, a Liman coast is created. The flora and fauna are therefore different from that of the lagoon.

Liman irrigation (also called mud irrigation) is an artificial irrigation method based on this system.

Limane on the Black Sea

Kunduk-Liman and Shagan-Liman
The Dniester Liman , largely covered by ice


Romania ( North Dobruja )

  • Lacul Siutghiol
  • Lacul Golovița
  • Lacul Sinoe
  • Lacul Razim


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Coordinates: 46 ° 18 '  N , 30 ° 14'  E