List of Canadian fighter pilots in World War II

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The list of Canadian fighter pilots in World War II includes fighter pilots of the Canadian Air Force ( Royal Canadian Air Force ) in the Second World War , which lasted from 1939 to 1945 , who had scored at least 15 kills.


The table contains the Canadian aviators with 15 or more confirmed kills

  • Surname
  • Rank
  • Number of confirmed aerial victories
  • Awards
  • unit
  • Date of death (†)

Note: The list can be sorted : By clicking on a column header, the list is sorted according to this column, clicking twice reverses the sorting.

Surname image rank L. Award Unit / Squadron No.
George Beurling George Beurling Vancouver 1943.jpg Flight Lieutenant 31.3 DSO , DFC 412 Squadron 05/20/1948
Henry Wallace McLeod Squadron Leader 21st DSO, DFC 433 Squadron 09/27/1944
Vernon Woodward Flying Officer Woodward of 33 Squadron RAF Egypt WWII IWM ME (RAF) 167.jpg 20th DFC 33 Squadron 05/26/2000
George Wittman 17th
Willie McKnight Willie Mcknight.gif Flying officer 16.5 DFC 242 Squadron 01/12/1941
Robert Wendell McNair Wing Commander 16.5 DSO, DFC 416 Squadron January 15, 1971
Edward Francis John Charles Flight Commander 15.5 DSO, DFC, Silver Star 611 Squadron 05/11/1986
James Francis Edwards Stocky Edwards 19 Sept 2009.JPG Wing Commander 15th DSO, DFC, Order of Canada 417 Squadron
Donald Currie Laubman Lieutenant-General 15th DFC, Alberta Order of Excellence 133 Squadron

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