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The term transformation is used in many ways in mathematics .

Geometric transformations

(Coordinate) transformation for an object assumed to be stationary (left) or a coordinate system assumed to be stationary (right)

In geometry , the term transformation is understood to mean the movement of a set of points (object) in a space thought to be at rest (or in relation to a coordinate system assumed to be at rest), also referred to in English as active or alibi transformation. Typical transformations are:

Coordinate transformations

In a coordinate transformation, the coordinates of a point or a set of points (e.g. the graph of a function) are transferred from one coordinate system to another. From a formal point of view, this is the transition from one coordinate system with the original coordinates to a second with the new coordinates , also called passive or alias transformation in English . Typical transformation processes are:

As the two lists of transformation examples and the illustration on the right show, one and the same transformation, e.g. B. displacement or rotation, depending on the perspective, one time as a geometric, the other time as a coordinate transformation, which is also reflected in the nature of their mathematical formulation, z. B. the use of the transformation matrix for the geometric as well as the inverse transformation matrix for the associated coordinate transformation (or vice versa).

Integral transformations

Certain integral operators are traditionally called integral transformations or frequency transformations . These operators are often invertible. Integral transformations are special functional transformations.

Discrete Transformations

With the help of the transformations in this list, certain integral transformations from the previous section can be approximately calculated with the computer . For some integral transformations, there are different algorithms to implement them in the computer, which differ, for example, in their speed.


Other transformations

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