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The Lit Verlag is a German publishing house in Münster , the 1980 by Wilhelm Hopf was founded. He mainly publishes social and humanistic literature. The publisher's head office is in Münster, with further offices in Berlin , Vienna , Hamburg , London , Zurich and New York . The owner-managed science publisher brings out around 800 new publications annually.

Publishing program

The publishing program covers theology, social and human sciences as well as economics and political sciences. The focal points are reflected in its specialist catalogs. They appear on the subjects of history, theology, political science, sociology, pedagogy, African studies, cultural studies, law, philosophy, languages ​​and literatures, ethnology / anthropology, communication studies, academic books, Asia-Pacific, economics and geography.

The most famous authors of the publishing house include Norbert Elias ( Sport in the civilization process, etc.), Hans-Georg Gadamer ( The lesson of the century ), Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde ( Church and Christian Faith in the Challenges of Time ), Hans Albert ( In Controversies entangled , Critique of Theological Thought ), Hermann Lübbe ( Political Moralism. The Triumph of Attitudes Over Judgment ), Yehuda Bauer ( We Jews - An Unruly People , Der Islamische Antisemitismus etc.), Walter Laqueur ( The Last Days of Europe ), Talcott Parsons ( Actor, Situation and Normative Pattern and others), Roland Girtler ( 10 commandments in field research and others), Franz-Xaver Kaufmann ( security as a sociological and socio-political problem ).

The program of the Lit-Verlag u. a. through the peace and conflict research segment. The publishing house has been issuing the peace report of the German peace research institutes ( BICC / HSFK / IFSH / INEF ) founded by Egon Bahr since the 1980s . Peace and conflict research is flanked by the migration research / critical migration research program, such as the series Studies on Migration and Minorities , which Dietrich Thränhardt founded with Lit-Verlag in the 1990s.

Furthermore, the publisher sees itself as a leader in the field of human geography. He edited the Germany's exposed in their respective fields serials Forum Political Geography , Economic Geography , Historical Geography / Historical Geography and Practice New Cultural Geography . In addition to publications that use the classic subject division of general and special sociology as well as empirical social research, the program offers titles from the research area Gender Studies . The focus in the field of educational science is on giftedness as well as reform, social and religious education. LIT Verlag publishes z. B. two series of publications by the International Center for Talent Research (ICBF). German, English, Romance studies and Egyptology are at the center of the publishing program in the linguistic and literary studies.

In media and communication studies, there is an emphasis on popular culture research. She closes u. a. the branch of game studies . The fields of musicology / art include contributions to the history of the epoch and to contemporary trends. The yearbook of the German Society for the History of Sports Science is published on sports science .

The theology program ranges from the philosophy of religion and systematic theology to biblical, historical and practical theologians to intercultural theology, ethics and religious studies. Editors in this area are u. a. the Münster theologian Johann Baptist Metz and the EKD council chairman Heinrich Bedford-Strohm . The publisher is represented in the field of medicine with publications on the history of medicine, nursing science, bioethics, health management and in some cases also on clinical subjects.

Dispute about the publisher's policy

In March 2018, the publisher Wilhelm Hopf signed the “ Declaration 2018 ” against the “damage to Germany” by “illegal mass immigration”, which led to public protest from over 200 of his authors and editors. In an open letter published by the newspapers for German and international politics , it says: “Our scientific endeavors not least pursue the pedagogical and democratic goal of combating resentment and exclusion. We therefore not only distance ourselves from the misanthropic goals of the 'Declaration 2018', but also do not want to be seen in the context of a publisher who makes such statements. Therefore we can no longer work with LIT-Verlag in the future and demand a clear rejection of xenophobia and nationalism. "

The publisher then withdrew his signature from the “Declaration 2018” on the grounds: “I had trusted Vera Lengsfeld without checking the initiator (formerly known as the GDR 'civil rights activist') and had not noticed enough that the declaration led to simplistic populist conclusions : That should not have happened."

In the context of the dispute over the signing of the political scientist was an article Clemens Heni in the Berlin Tagesspiegel also known that Wilhelm Hopf years writings of right-wing ideologues ... Henning Eichberg published has.

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