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legal form GmbH
founding 1962
Seat Planegg , GermanyGermanyGermany 
  • Joachim Bittner
  • Walter Grotz
  • Carl-Christian Hantschk
  • Alexander Ropertz
  • Stefan Schierer
  • Elmar Schröder
Number of employees > 400
Branch Engineering office
Website www.muellerbbm.de
As of August 6, 2015

The company headquarters in Planegg / Munich

The Müller-BBM GmbH is an internationally active since 1962, engineering firm based in Planegg near Munich. The company is represented with over 400 employees at thirteen locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The expertise covers the following areas: construction ( building acoustics , room acoustics , sound engineering and media technology , building physics , building climatology , sustainability , structural dynamics and fire protection ), environmental ( air pollution , noise control , Electromagnetic environmental compatibility , safety technology , Legally compliant business organization and management systems , lighting technology , environmental impact assessments (UVU) FFH compatibility tests , species protection , aquatic ecology ) and technology ( vehicle acoustics , machine and system acoustics , psychoacoustics as well as mobile communication and product testing in construction and in the areas of entertainment electronics (audio, video / television technology, loudspeakers), digital image processing and IT electronics (telecommunications , Information electronics and computer technology)).


As early as 1946, Lothar Cremer received approval to operate a business as a consulting engineer for sound technology in Munich. When he became full professor and director of the Institute for Technical Acoustics at the Technical University in Berlin in 1954, his student Helmut A. Müller took over the Cremer Acoustics Laboratory . From 1958 he continued to run the office under his own name and expanded the range of activities to include industrial noise abatement, noise protection in urban development and noise protection in shipbuilding.

In 1962 Müller-BBN GmbH was founded with five shareholders, including Lothar Cremer, Manfred Heckl , Ludwig Schreiber and Helmut A. Müller. The company Bolt Beranek and Newman ( BBN ), represented by Leo Beranek , became a partner. In 1972 BBN sold its shares to Leo Beranek and to Müller-BBN employees at the time . The company name was changed to Müller-BBM .

Standard works of acoustics such as the “Taschenbuch der Technischen Akustik ”, “ Structure - borne sound ” (both Springer-Verlag ) and DIN 18005 “Soundproofing in urban development” were and are largely developed and updated by employees of the company.

Structure of the holding company

Helmut A. Müller (1953)
The establishment of Müller-BBM GmbH

The Müller-BBM Group is held by Müller-BBM Holding AG (Management Board: N. Suritsch (Chairman), J. Hobelsberger / Chairman of the Supervisory Board: R. Michelsen).

The Müller-BBM Group is divided into:

  • Müller-BBM GmbH , based in Planegg, with branches in Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden-Langebrück, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Nuremberg, Reutlingen, Stuttgart and Weimar; 100 percent subsidiary of Müller-BBM Holding AG, holds majority stakes:
    • OOO Müller-BBM International , Moscow (Russia)
    • Müller-BBM Austria GmbH , Bad Ischl (Austria)
    • mas münster analytical solutions gmbh , Münster
    • Müller-BBM Schweiz AG , Basel (Switzerland)
    • Müller-BBM Acoustic Solutions GmbH , Planegg
  • Müller-BBM Nederland BV, subsidiary: M + P Raadgevende ingenieurs bv , Netherlands
  • BBM Akustik Technologie GmbH , Planegg, Mülheim and Milan, further subsidiaries in Coswig, Dortmund, Pune (India) and Dover (USA)
  • Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme GmbH , one of the market leaders in multi-channel measurement technology , further subsidiaries in France, Netherlands, Italy, USA, China, Korea
  • Müller-BBM Active Sound Technology GmbH , Planegg
  • IBAS engineering company for building physics, acoustics and vibration technology mbH , Bayreuth
  • Müller-BBM Projektmanagement GmbH , Planegg
  • BBM Testlab GmbH , Planegg
  • Müller-BBM Cert GmbH , Planegg

The shares in Müller-BBM Holding AG are held exclusively by active and former employees from the Müller-BBM Group. The Group's turnover in 2015 was around 130 million euros, generated by over 1200 employees.

Müller-BBM has a DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 accredited test laboratory for noise and vibrations , air pollution control , electromagnetic environmental compatibility and hazardous substance measurements , a VMPA soundproofing test center and measuring points in accordance with Section 29b BImSchG . The calibration laboratory is accredited by the accreditation body of the German Calibration Service (DKD) at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) as a calibration laboratory for the areas of acoustics and acceleration . Some areas of Müller-BBM are certified according to ISO 9001 .


  • 1998: Rudolf Martin Certificate of Honor for Ludwig Schreiber
  • 1999: Helmholtz Medal for Helmut A. Müller by DEGA
  • 2000: Lothar Cremer Prize of the German Society for Acoustics (DEGA) for outstanding achievements by young scientists in the field of acoustics for Eckard Mommertz
  • 2002: Lothar Cremer Prize for Rolf Schirmacher
  • 2005: Federal Cross of Merit for Helmut A. Müller
  • 2007: Bavarian State Medal for services to the environment and health for the former subsidiary Orga Lab , now a testing laboratory of Müller-BBM.
  • 2016: Helmholtz Medal for Joachim Scheuren by DEGA

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