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Location Ma'anshans (yellow) in the Chinese province of Anhui

Ma'anshan ( Chinese  马鞍山 市 , Pinyin Mǎ'ānshān Shì ) is a district - free town on the Yangtze River in the Anhui province, about 50 km southwest of Nanjing (Jiangsu province), which is characterized by the steel industry . the name of the city means horse saddle mountain. Your administrative area has an area of ​​1,686 km² and around 2.28 million inhabitants (end of 2016). 657,847 people live in the actual urban settlement area of ​​Ma'anshan (2010 census). Due to the strong industry (further expansion of the steel industry is planned, as of 2004), it is considered the richest city in Anhui Province .

Ma'anshan is located on the Shanghai-Nanjing expressway, about 3.5–7 hours by train from Shanghai.

Ma'anshan has a park on the western outskirts on the banks of the Yangtze River. In this there is a small mountain with a pagoda, which can be climbed on foot. From this one has a view over the Yangtze and the city of Ma'anshan. There is also a monastery near the park.

The graves of the Zhu Ran family (朱 然 家族 墓地, Zhū Rán jiāzú mùdì), which are on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China , are located in the Yushan District .

Administrative structure

At the county level, Ma'anshan is made up of three boroughs and three counties :

Surname chin. Pinyin Residents





density (/ km²)

Yushan 雨 山区 Yǔshān Qū 230,000 130 1,769
Huashan 花 山区 Huāshān Qū 350,000 172 2 035 Seat of the city government
Bowang 博望 区 Bówàng Qū 183 500 351 523
Dangtu 当涂 县 Dāngtú Xiàn 486 500 1 034 484 Main town: Gushu municipality (姑 孰 镇)
Hanshan 含山县 Hánshān Xian 440,000 1 028 428 Main town: Huanfeng municipality (环 峰 镇)
Hey 和 县 Hé Xiàn 650,000 1 412 460 Main town: Liyang municipality (历 阳镇)

Geography and climate

Surrounded by low hills, Ma'anshan is not as polluted as other large Chinese steel cities thanks to the local government's environmental policies. This helped the city to be recognized as one of the ten greenest cities in China. The climate is similar to other cities in the Yangtze River Delta with low humidity which makes the summers and winters less extreme. There are frequent showers in July and August.


Before the 2011 administrative reform, Ma'anshan consisted only of the Yushan , Huashan and Jinjiazhuang districts east of the Yangtze , and Dangtu County. When the prefecture-level city of Chaohu was dissolved in August 2011, the districts of Hanshan and He Ma'anshan, west of the Yangtze, were subordinated. In September 2012, the Jinjiazhuang District was dissolved and incorporated into the Huashan District. Part of Dangtu County was separated and made the new Bowang District .

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