Mario Hansi

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Mario Hansi
birthday May 21, 1987
place of birth TartuEstonian SSR , Soviet Union
size 181 cm
position midfield player
Years station
JK Tammeka Tartu
Years station Games (goals) 1
2004 JK Tammeka Tartu II 12 0(2)
2005-2006 JK Tammeka Tartu 8 0(2)
2006 JK Tammeka Tartu II 18 (10)
2007-2008 JK Maag Tammeka Tartu II 53 (13)
2007– JK Maag Tammeka Tartu 47 0(3)
1 Only league games are given.
Status: July 3, 2010

Mario Hansi (born May 21, 1987 in Tartu ) is an Estonian football player on the position of midfielder . He currently plays for JK Maag Tammeka Tartu in the Meistriliiga , the top division in Estonian football.


Hansi began his active career as a football player with his hometown club, JK Tammeka Tartu in the university city of Tartu . After he had run through all youth teams, he gained his first experience in 2004 in the lower class playing second combat team of the club. He was used in his first season in twelve championship games, in which he scored two goals and rose with the team at the end of the season in the fourth-highest Estonian league. From 2005, the midfielder was included for the first time in the squad of the professional team with play in the highest Estonian league, but was not used in the 2005 season .

This changed, however, in the 2006 season when he came to a number of short appearances. He made his professional debut on March 12, 2006 in a 2-0 away win over JK Tulevik Viljandi , when he came on the pitch in the 87th minute for Marti Pähn . His first professional hit came on October 1, 2006 in the 2: 4 away defeat against JK Trans Narva , when he again replaced the younger Pähn in midfield from the 76th minute and only a minute later scored to 1: 4 for his team. Over the entire season, the 1.81 m tall midfielder was used in nine championship games, in which he scored twice. With the team he reached sixth place in the final table with 43 points, but was never involved in a relegation battle. With the second team he was used in 18 championship games, where he scored ten goals. So he was one of the main people responsible for the team's promotion to the Esiliiga , the second highest Estonian football division, at the end of the season.

After the merger of JK Maag Tartu and JK Tammeka Tartu before the start of the 2007 season , the committed Hansi remained loyal to the club and, in addition to sporadic missions in the Meistriliiga, was mainly used in the second team with games in the Esiliiga. After he was used in four games with the professional team and ranked 5th with the team in the final table, he achieved the same table placement with the second team at the end of the season. However, with the exception that Hansi was used in 27 championship games and had a record of six goals.

In the following season, 2008 , Mario Hansi was increasingly used for the professional team and made 14 league appearances by the end of the season, in which he hit the opposing goal only once. On September 27, 2008 he was on the pitch for the first time and to date (as of July 3, 2010) the only time in his professional career for the entire duration of the game. Hansi was also often used in the Esiliiga and scored seven goals in 26 league games by the end of the season. With both teams he was seventh in the table at the end of the season. In the Estonian Football Cup, Hansi and his team reached the final, where they finally lost 3-1 to the professional team after a semi-final victory over the second team of FC Flora Tallinn in the final.

After good performances in the 2008 season, Hansi was also used in the professional team in the 2009 season . In 2009 he made 20 championship appearances in which he scored two goals. With the team he got into the relegation battle until the end of the season, which in the end could just be won in seventh place. In the same year, the club name was changed from JK Maag Tammeka Tartu to the old name, JK Tammeka Tartu , which was already worn before the two clubs merged. Furthermore, Hansi briefly held the position of team captain this season , which he was handed over by long-time Tammeka Tartu player Kristjan Tiirik . In the following season in 2010 , the now 23-year-old was used in nine league games to date (as of July 3, 2010), in which he remained goalless, however. Hansi is currently employed as vice-captain of the professional team.


With JK Tammeka Tartu II

  • 1 × promotion to the fourth Estonian league: 2004
  • 1 × promotion to the Esiliiga : 2006

With JK Maag Tammeka Tartu

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