Marksist Leninist Komünist Parti

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Marksist Leninist Komünist Parti (MLKP)
Marxist-Leninist Communist Party
founding September 10, 1994
Alignment Marxist-Leninist

The Marksist Leninist Komünist Parti ( Turkish for Marxist-Leninist Communist Party , MLKP) is a Marxist-Leninist organization in Turkey , which is classified by the Turkish government as a terrorist organization .

Origin and direction

The party was founded on September 10, 1994 in Turkey through the merger of the three groups TKP / ML-Hareketi , TKİH and TKP / ML (YİÖ) . She publishes several magazines, including the weekly Atılım (The Advance) and the bi-monthly Partinin Sesi (Voice of the Party). The party's goal is communism , to be achieved through the transition phase of the dictatorship of the proletariat .

The organization became known through attacks on prisons in Turkey where political prisoners are incarcerated. Hunger strikes and vigils have been held several times with their detained supporters .

The MLKP sees itself in the tradition of the big three illegal and armed organizations of the Turkish left of the 1970s: the Maoist TKP / ML , founded by İbrahim Kaypakkaya , the THKP-C by Mahir Çayan and the THKO by Deniz Gezmiş as well as their own direct ones Predecessor organizations that arose from spin-offs and start-ups from the three initial organizations.

The party itself and the organizations that existed before it come from a tradition of the Turkish left that is more closely related to Hoxhaist positions. She herself stands by the theories of Marx , Engels , Lenin and Stalin and propagates the revolutionary struggle against what she sees as a fascist Turkey and for the violent, proletarian revolution . Furthermore, it strongly supports the Kurdish liberation movement - according to its own statements there are even Kurdistan structures in the organization - as well as the fight against oppression of women and sexism .

Organization and activities

The party is an “armed gang” criminal offense in Turkey and is therefore prohibited. In principle, according to their own statements, it is fully clandestine and organized in cells as a basis. According to estimates by left circles, the organization has probably gained some influence in the poor and working-class districts of the larger cities - especially in Istanbul and the surrounding agglomeration . It is already considered the strongest of the illegally active left-wing organizations in Turkey.

With the Communist Youth Organization (Turkish Komünist Gençlik Örgütü , short: KGÖ), the MLKP also has its own youth organization.

Members of the MLKP / KGÖ during the demonstration against the Bundeswehr pledge on July 30, 2010 in Stuttgart.

The MLCP is committed to using violence and illegal activities in political struggle. In the basic document With the MLKP on the revolution, on socialism it says:

"According to the understanding of the MLCP, the actions of revolutionary group and mass violence against counterrevolutionary violence are justified and effective means of political struggle."

Parts of their activities are therefore also characterized by attacks, symbolic attacks and (street) fights with state security forces. Militant activities - as well as all illegal actions - are usually carried out as militias of the MLCP and are also published in this form. The militias of the MLKP often carry out symbolic actions in which, for example, busy streets - especially in the well-known poor and working-class neighborhoods of the cities - are sealed off with barricades and by members armed with weapons and Molotov cocktails, slogans are shouted and sprayed on walls, as well as leaflets be distributed.

In addition, the MLCP and its militias are involved in street fights, such as those that took place in 1995 during the serious unrest in Gaziosmanpaşa ( "Gazi" for short ), a well-known Istanbul working-class district. The party itself describes that it played a large part in this uprising. The militias also carry out targeted attacks. For example, on May 18, 2010, the party headquarters of the extreme nationalist and Islamist Great Unity Party ( Büyük Birlik Partisi in Turkish ) in Istanbul was blown up in response to the murder of a Kurdish youth in Muğla . But nobody was injured.

On the occasion of its 4th party congress, the MLCP carried out actions not only in Turkey, but also in other European countries. According to the Baden-Württemberg Office for the Protection of the Constitution , the supporters of the MLKP showed their willingness to use violence, among other things, during the NATO summit on April 3rd and 4th, 2010 in Strasbourg, where they joined the NATO opponents and the actions of the black bloc .

There are obviously also legal structures in which the MLCP operates. In contrast to other underground structures, the party also uses legal opportunities to form opinions in its self-image. In this context, security authorities in Turkey often accuse some legal political organizations of being “front organizations” of the MLCP, thereby justifying repression against these structures.

In addition to so-called “workers' conferences” organized by the MLKP, it participates in and supports strikes and industrial disputes. According to her own statements, she is also particularly active in the city districts.


Due to the illegality and the criminal offenses charged with the MLKP, large-scale police actions against the organization often took place, during which alleged members were arrested - obviously without weakening the party in the long term. Several dozen MLCP activists are imprisoned in Turkish prisons .

Hatice Duman , editor of the party newspaper Atılım, was arrested on April 9, 2003 and later sentenced to life imprisonment.

On September 8, 2006, in a raid in Istanbul and six other provinces at the same time, 20 of 23 arrested members of the MLCP were arrested and extensive material including weapons and explosives were seized. According to the provincial governor of Istanbul, this ended an intelligence operation codenamed “Gaye” (“target”), which began in September 2004.

Also at the beginning of September 2009, during large-scale raids ordered by the anti-terrorism department of the Istanbul police, various premises of legal organizations in several cities were searched and at least 24 activists of these legal organizations were arrested, who were accused of having assigned to the MLCP or members of the MLCP be.

Marxist-Leninist Communist Party banner


The MLKP has its own structures in some European countries outside Turkey, including in Germany, but is not prohibited abroad. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution regularly regards a group of 600 people as belonging to the MLKP.

The German Office for the Protection of the Constitution regularly connects two organizations in Germany with the party as so-called "suspected cases": The Federation of Labor Immigrants from Turkey eV (AGIF) and the Confederation of Oppressed Immigrants in Europe (AvEG-Kon). In this context, the two associations are assumed to be “politically-ideologically” close to the MLKP.

The party is a member of the Balkan Conference of Communist and Workers' Parties (BCCWP).

The MLKP, together with almost 50 other parties and organizations, including the Bolşevik Parti (Kuzey Kürdistan-Türkiye) and the Türkiye İhtilalci Komünistler Birliği , from a total of 33 countries, is a founding member of the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations (ICOR). October 2010 was founded.

Members of MLCP are in Syrian civil war in units of YPG in the defense of Rojava against the Islamist organizations Jabhat al-Nusra and Islamic State active, at least seven MLCP members were doing so far lost their lives, among them from Duisburg Dating Ivana Hoffmann .

Individual evidence

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