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Marsilius of Inghen; contemporary drawing.
Augustinergasse passage to Marsiliusplatz between the buildings

Marsilius von Inghen (* between 1335 and 1340 near Nijmegen , Gelderland province ; † August 20, 1396 in Heidelberg , Electoral Palatinate ) was a master's degree at the University of Paris from 1362 to 1378 and at the University of Heidelberg from 1386 to 1396 . He wrote several commentaries on Aristotle's works on logic , natural philosophy, and metaphysics , taking a nominalistic standpoint.

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More details about his parents' house and his youth are not known. The first verifiable date of his biography is September 27, 1362. On this day he gave his inaugural lecture as a Magister artium at the University of Paris. There he took up his work and was also rector of the university in 1367 and 1371 . He also studied theology on the side . His lectures were very popular. In 1378 Marsilius was the delegate of the University of Paris to the court of Pope Urban VI. in Tivoli . In 1379 he asked his colleague Hugh von Hervort to represent his interests in Paris .

After 1379 the name of Marsilius von Inghen is no longer mentioned in the records of the University of Paris. Presumably he was driven out by the schism of 1378 .

From 1386 Marsilius was a Magister at the University of Heidelberg , which he had co-founded that year under Elector Ruprecht I and where he was rector a total of nine times : from 1386, the year the university was founded, to 1392 and again from 23. June until his death on August 20, 1396. From 1389 to 1390 he was responsible for transferring the university register to Rome. After that he resumed studying theology . He was the first theologian to be awarded a doctorate in Heidelberg .

Marsilius von Inghen died there a little later and was buried in Heidelberg's St. Peter's Church. His grave is no longer preserved, but in 2011, for the 625th anniversary of the university, a commemorative plaque was erected in the south side chapel, the university chapel. In the Rector's Book of Heidelberg University, Rector Johann van de Noet recorded the death of his predecessor in the following words:

" In the year 1396, on August 20th, the day of Saint Bernard (of Clairvaux), the venerable man, Magister Marsilius von Inghen, canon and thesaurar of the St. Andreas-Stift in Cologne, the founder and founder of this university of ours, died, an excellent doctor of sacred theology, who was the first to receive his doctorate here. He bequeathed numerous manuscripts of theological and philosophical content to our university together with other valuables. He was rector and is buried in the choir in front of the main altar in St. Rest his soul in peace. "

- Rector's Book of Heidelberg University


  • In 2007 the University of Heidelberg founded a Center for Advanced Studies and named it Marsilius-Kolleg in honor of Marsilius von Inghen .
  • A square in Heidelberg's old town bears the name of the first rector of Heidelberg University

Marsiliusplatz, Outlooks, Universitätsplatz and Augustinergasse


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