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Matthias Johannes Franciscus Aulike

Matthias Johannes Franciscus Aulike (born May 29, 1807 in Münster , † October 22, 1865 in Munich ) was a Prussian civil servant and politician.


Aulike first studied in Münster in 1823 at the Catholic Academy (educational institution for the training of clergymen and teachers in the diocese of Münster). From 1824 Aulike studied law and political science at the Georg-August University in Göttingen and the Friedrich Wilhelms University in Berlin . He became a member of the Corps Guestphalia Göttingen (1824) and the Corps Guestphalia Heidelberg (1826). In 1833 he entered the Prussian civil service as a regional court assessor in Münster. In 1837 he became a district judge in Kleve , and in 1839 a councilor in the Prussian Ministry of Culture. From 1841 he was a secret councilor and lecturer in the newly established department for Catholic and Church affairs, which he chaired from 1846 as a secret councilor . The relationship between the Prussian state and the Catholic bishops was severely disturbed at this time by various events (1837 dismissal of the Archbishop of Cologne in the church dispute in Cologne , 1840 conflict with the Archbishop of Gnesen-Posen and others). Aulike successfully defused some of these conflicts.

From September 1, 1848 to January 25, 1849, Aulike was Johann Georg Müller's successor as a member of the Frankfurt National Assembly for the 20th Westphalian constituency (Münster) . There he did not belong to any parliamentary group, but was a member of the Catholic Club . In December 1848, Prime Minister Friedrich Wilhelm Graf von Brandenburg temporarily designated him as Upper President of the Province of Westphalia .

After he resigned his mandate in the Paulskirche , he returned to the Prussian Ministry of Education, where he was promoted to the Real Secret Upper Government Council in 1855 and Ministerial Director in 1858 . In 1854 he was appointed a member of the Prussian State Council , and in 1856 he received an honorary doctorate from the Münster Academy.

Aulike particularly promoted the young Catholic scholars in Prussia, since the Catholics were considerably underrepresented there. For the construction of St. Matthias Church in Berlin-Schöneberg, he donated 20,000 thalers with the stipulation that only the Bishop of Münster was responsible for filling the pastoral position at this church, which at that time - like all of Berlin - belonged to the diocese of Wroclaw should be. Accordingly, the pastors of St. Matthias still come from the diocese of Münster today.

Aulike was an honorary member of the "Catholic Reading Association" founded in 1853 in Berlin in the KV , now KStV Askania-Burgundia .

Aulike died in Munich in 1865 after a stroke on the way back from Chur, where his wife Johanna von und zur Mühlen was buried.


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