Max Emmerich

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Max Philip Emmerich (born June 1, 1879 in Indianapolis , † June 29, 1956 ) was an American athlete and participant in the 1904 Olympic Games in St. Louis .

He won the gold medal in a three-way fight , which was only Olympic in 1904 and consisted of the disciplines 100-yard run , long jump and shot put . In addition, he took 100th place (among 110 participants) in a three-way gymnastics ( horizontal bar , parallel bars and horse ); In the overall standings of both three-way fights, he reached 67th place. Also to another athletic all-around event, which included the disciplines 100-yard run, shot put, high jump , 880 yard walking , hammer throw , pole vault , 120 yard hurdles , weight throw , long jump and mile run and as The predecessor of the later decathlon , Emmerich started, but had to give up after the first discipline.

Max Emmerich worked for the National Bank in Indianapolis, where he was guilty of embezzlement and was sentenced to five years in prison.

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