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Macedonian cultural event in Berlin

The number of Macedonians in Germany amounts to several tens of thousands. The majority of them come from North Macedonia . Together with the Albanians from North Macedonia, they make up the majority of the citizens of North Macedonia living in Germany. According to data from the Central Register of Foreigners, 95,976 citizens of North Macedonia were living in Germany at the end of 2015.

The original mother tongue of the German-Macedonians is Macedonian , in addition, German is spoken as a foreign language - and increasingly also as a mother tongue. They are predominantly Macedonian Orthodox Christians .

Most of the Macedonians live in the federal states of Bavaria, Berlin, Lower Saxony and Baden-Württemberg. The cities with the largest proportions of Macedonian population are Berlin, Nuremberg, Ingolstadt, Aalen, Hanover and Stuttgart.

The Macedonian citizens of Germany also include many ethnic Albanians who make up around 25 percent of the total population in North Macedonia ( for more information on the ethnic structure and minority policy of North Macedonia, see: Albanians in North Macedonia and North Macedonia # Domestic Policy ). Therefore, the number of Slavic Macedonians in Germany can only be estimated imprecisely.

Organization and religion

The Macedonians in Germany are predominantly Orthodox Christians . The majority of emigrants today organize themselves within the framework of the Macedonian Orthodox Church or the MPCO . Most of these organizations were founded in the early 1990s, soon after the breakup of Yugoslavia and the establishment of the Republic of Macedonia. The original parish was founded in Hamburg around 1980 , and six more MPCO parishes were established in the Federal Republic soon after. The MPCO congregations have their own churches where many Macedonians gather for Easter and Christmas. The biggest are:

The MPCO congregations promote the Macedonian Orthodox Church in Germany, traditional folklore and the customs of the Macedonians. They also promote the maintenance of the Macedonian cultural heritage, language and traditions of Macedonians in Germany.

Other Christian minorities in the Macedonian-German community include the Greek Catholics , Eastern Catholics, a few Uniates and some Protestants. Quite a few of the Macedonians are Muslim . These Muslim Macedonians are called Torbeschen . Today, however, many Macedonians can now be counted among the non-religious, irreligious, agnostic and secular.


There are several sports clubs and teams founded by Macedonians in Germany. One of the best known is FK Makedonija 1970 from Berlin.

Well-known German Macedonians

Alexander Veljanov

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