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Synonyms FR 993-60
Art Grape vine ( Vitis vinifera subsp. Vinifera )
Berry color yellow
origin DEU
known since 1960
breeder Johannes Zimmermann
Institute State Viticulture Institute Freiburg
Breeding year 1960
VIVC no. 4251

Cross of
Riesling x Pinot Gris x Seyve Villard 5276

List of grape varieties

Merzling is a fungus- resistant white wine variety that was newly bred in 1960 . The Merzling was founded in 1960 by John Carpenter on State Viticulture Institute Freiburg from Seyve Villard 5276 x ( Riesling x Pinot Gris ) crossed .

The variety name is derived from the municipality of Merzhausen on the southern outskirts of Freiburg im Breisgau . The variety was approved by the Bundessortenamt in 1993 .

Ampelographic varietal characteristics

In ampelography , the habitus is described as follows:

  • The growth is fully upright, very strong and takes place without strong stinging shoots, which results in easy handling with regard to the foliage work. The foliage looks strong. When dark green, the leaves are medium-sized and five-lobed with an overlapping stalk. The plant has good wood maturity and resistance to winter frost. The eye expulsion occurs at about the same time as the Müller-Thurgau . The grapes are large and relatively compact. The berries are medium to large in size and have thin skins. They take on a yellow-green color when fully ripe. The ripening time is early and comparable to Müller-Thurgau, to which there is also a similarity in the yield level. The yields of the Merzling are more constant because of the better frost hardiness.

The resistance to the fungal diseases powdery mildew and downy mildew is good.

Properties of the wine

The wines are fruity, substantial and mostly neutral. When grown in particularly warm locations and on thick soils, the wines can develop a broad type and a disturbing tone. In comparative wine tastings, the Merzling achieved slightly worse results than the Müller-Thurgau, but performed slightly better than the Silvaner .

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