Measurement campaign

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The term measurement campaign is in technology and science for a long-planned and organizationally well-prepared series of measurements used, which has a large scale and as a coordinated interaction of several persons or institutions is performed.

Measurement campaigns are used for comprehensive data acquisition on an interdisciplinary or global basis, especially for scientific research, in space travel and for the creation of surveying networks .

In the geosciences , their results can also be incorporated into regular international data exchange services - for example for GPS satellite orbits ( IGS ), radio interferometry ( IVS ) or Earth's rotation ( IERS ).

About the origin of the term:
The word component campaign (from Latin campus , field) used to refer to the military campaign and other coordinated actions in the open air. Today it is mainly used for information and advertising campaigns, but in the technical field mainly describes measuring activities in the great outdoors.

Characteristics of measurement campaigns

In contrast to continuous series of measurements or permanent monitoring , measurement campaigns are limited in time so that a concentrated use of the available means, people and resources is possible. For example, they can take place in cooperating laboratories , but much more often outdoors. In terms of location, they often extend over several countries or continents, for example in the geosciences.

The coordination of international or intercontinental campaigns is now mostly carried out by specially set up services that are, for example, affiliated with international associations or set up specifically for the purpose of a special campaign. Until a few decades ago, such campaigns were initiated or organized by individual institutions, sometimes even by individual leading scientists .

Cross-border measurement campaigns are of particular importance for astronomy and geodesy .

Examples from astronomy

Examples from geodesy and satellite technology

Further subject areas

In geophysics , extensive measurement campaigns etc. a. to study the middle and lower crust of the earth - see geoseismics , gravimetry and exploration .

Among other things, there is a noticeable need for cross-border or cross-institute measurement campaigns

International agreements or standardizations often go back to previous, extensive measurement campaigns, of which the international meter convention is an example, or the length convention with the establishment of the prime meridian of Greenwich , which was successful after long efforts .