NS records

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NS records
Active years 1995-1997
founder Marcel Reed
Seat Hillerød Kommune , Denmark
Label code NSCD
Sub-label NS88 records
Genre (s) Right-wing rock , songwriter

NS-Records or NS88-Records was a Danish right-wing rock label that existed from 1995 to 1997 and was operated by the German neo-Nazi Marcel Schilf . Today there is a far-right mail order business with this name, which is operated from the United States. However, it only has the name in common with the previous label.

Label history

NS-Records was founded in 1995 by Marcel Schilf, a member of Blood and Honor , in Hilleröd , Denmark. A total of 24 records with a clearly neo-Nazi background were released, the production of which was not legally possible in Germany. Among other things, albums by Macht & Ehre , Kraftschlag , Tonstören and Landser's debut album were released on the label. Schilf cared little about his right hand. He also released an album by Commando Pernod against the will of the band members and two albums by Arisches Blut ( Daniel Eggers ). At that time Eggers was tied to Thorsten Lemmer's label Funny Sounds . The video fanzine war reporter produced by Ainaskin Musiikkii from Helsinki , a right-wing extremist video series with a mixture of live recordings, self-made music videos and interviews with international right-wing rock stars , was released under the name NS88 .

Most of the label's publications were indexed in Germany by the Federal Testing Office for Media Harmful to Young People or are subject to a confiscation order . The label existed from 1995 to 1997, the mail order business a little longer. The dispatch to Germany took place both by post and conspiratorially in the trunk of a private car. At its heyday, the label had a customer base of 8,400 people, almost 2/3 of them in Germany. During a raid in Kiel in 1997, 31,000 CDs were confiscated from the holdings of NS records. In addition, the police found 200,000 bootlegs of unknown origin.

From 1998 the pressure to search for the label increased. Schilf moved to Sweden and from there managed NS88 as Blood & Honor Scandinavia with the Norwegian Erik Blücher . Marcel Schilf died on January 23, 2001 of complications from a metabolic disease . In 2001 Ronald Schröder, originally from Berlin, took over the business. The labels then split into Celtic Moon and Nordwind and Nordvind Records.

Today there is NS88 Videos , a mail order company in the USA, which sees itself in the tradition of the label. The address is registered to an American named Jack Ruby.


tape title year format code Indexing or Seizure
Power stroke Not dead despite the ban 1995 CD NS01 B.
Commando Pernod Wroclaw 1995 CD NS CD 02 I, not authorized
Soldier Republic of the rascals 1995 CD NSCDimp01 confiscated
Werewolf / sound disorder live 1996 CD CD24 indexed
Sound disturbance Our soldiers (live) 1996 CD not authorised
Open season Front line fighters 1996 CD NSCD03 indexed
Power & Honor NSDAP 1996 CD NSCD04 confiscated
Power stroke Live in Club Valhalla 1996 CD NSCD005 indexed
Mistreat / power stroke Brothers in Arms 1996 CD NSCD06 indexed
Reichssturm back home 1996 CD NSCD07 indexed
Oithanasia Now or never 1996 CD NSCD08 indexed
Aryan blood Under Fuehrer's orders 1996 CD NSCD09 confiscated, not authorized
Legion East Without words 1996 CD NSCD11 indexed
Power & Honor / Command Nigger out! 1996 CD NSCD013 indexed
Disruptive force Those were the days 1996 CD NSCD15 confiscated
Zyklon B Canoe killer 1996 CD NSCD16 indexed
Aryan blood The Leader's Legacy 1996 CD NSCD17 confiscated, not authorized
Thunderbolt Twilight of the Gods 1996 CD NSCD018
Bomber / Radikahl Brandenburg 1992 - Disc 1 1996 CD NSRCD 19
No Remorse / Division S Brandenburg 1992 - Disc 2 1996 CD NSRCD 20
Skullhead / Dirlewanger Brandenburg 1992 - Disc 3 1996 CD NSRCD 21
Zillertal Turk Hunters 12 Doitsche mood hits 1997 CD confiscated
Close combat Alarm! 1999 CD indexed
Aryan blood Forward for Hitler! 1999 CD NSCD25 indexed
Various Blood & Honor Vol. 1 2000 CD indexed
Stormtroopers The best of unknown CD CD22 indexed, not authorized
All clear Rudolf Hess unknown CD NSCD10 indexed
final solution Under the swastika unknown CD NSCD24 indexed

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