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Neville Story Maskelyne

Mervyn Herbert Nevil Story Maskelyne (born September 3, 1823 in Basset Down House, Wroughton , Wiltshire , † May 20, 1911 in Basset Down House) was an English geologist , mineralogist and politician .


Nevil was the eldest son of Antony Mervin Reeve Story and Margaret Maskelyne, the daughter of the Astronomer Royal , Nevil Maskelyne . The family adopted the name Maskelyne when Nevil came of age, having inherited the Maskelyne family property at Basset Down near Wroughton, Wiltshire. Nevil married Thereza Mary Llewelyn (1834 - February 27, 1926) on June 29, 1858. Their daughter Mary in turn married Hugh Oakeley Arnold-Forster on July 29, 1885. Hugh and Mary's granddaughter Vanda Morton published a 1987 biography of Nevil.

Scientific career

Maskelyne was educated at Wadham College , Oxford . From 1851 he first taught mineralogy and chemistry at Oxford before being appointed professor of mineralogy in 1856, a position he held until 1895. From 1857 to 1880 he was Keeper of Minerals at the British Museum .

Maskelyne was also a photography pioneer and an associate of William Henry Fox Talbot . He is also considered to be the first to describe the minerals andrewsite (discredited as mixed crystal in 1990), asmanite ( tridymite ), langite , liskeardite , oldhamite , osbornite and waringtonite ( brochantite ) and was a pioneer in the classification of meteorites with Gustav Rose .

Political career

Between 1880 and 1886 Nevil was a Member of Parliament (MP) for the Cricklade constituency, representing the Liberal Party , and between 1886 and 1892 for the Liberal Unionist Party . From 1889 to 1904 he was a member of Wiltshire County Council .


The vitreous impact rock maskelynite , which occurs in meteorites , was named after him.

In 1873 he was made an Honorary Fellow of Wadham College. Since 1895 he was a corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences .

In 1893 he received the Wollaston Medal from the Geological Society of London .


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