New York Death Metal

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New York Death Metal

Development phase: late 1980s years
Place of origin: new York
Stylistic precursors
Death MetalGrindcoreHardcore Punk
Cannibal CorpseImmolation
Instruments typical of the genre

New York Death Metal is a variety of Death Metal .


Essentially, New York Death Metal consists of Death Metal with slight grindcore and hardcore punk influences. The scene there is considered to be the place of origin of the most extreme death metal bands. The style is the forerunner of what is known as Slam Death Metal .


The roots go back to the development in Florida, where one of the first death metal scenes developed. However, many of the New York bands felt influenced by the local hardcore bands, and the music genre Grindcore, which originated in Great Britain, was of great importance for the New York bands. Mortician , for example, covered the song "Scum" from Napalm Death .

The Brooklyn- based metal band Carnivore , from which Type O Negative would later emerge, also plays a key role with their sometimes doomy style elements. You can hear this influence clearly in older work by Internal Bleeding and in the band Morpheus Descends .


Cannibal Corpse and Immolation are considered to be the oldest bands on the New York scene . Since Cannibal Corpse was one of the first death metal bands in New York ( Buffalo , New York State ) in the late 1980s , they decided to move to Florida, as a scene had already formed there. Her musical style also changed with the fourth album The Bleeding in the typical Florida death metal sound .

Next up were bands like Suffocation , Mortician and Incantation . These bands all played very extreme death metal, often referred to as brutal death metal.

The awareness of one's own style developed very early on and is reflected, for example, in the abbreviation “NYDM”, which Mortician uses on publications.

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