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Nicolas Kummert (born March 12, 1979 in Namur ) is a Belgian jazz musician ( vocals , tenor saxophone ).

Live and act

Kummert studied at the Brussels Conservatory with Jeroen Van Herzeele and John Ruocco until 2001 . He was also tutored by Fabrizio Cassol .

Kummert initially played with the Alexi Tuomarila Quartet, the group of Karl Jannuska , Jef Neves Groove Thing , Yves Peeters, Qu4tre and Pierre Van Dormael , with and in a duo with Igor Gehenot . He also worked with Manu Dibango and Lionel Loueke . In 2010 he released the first album with his vocal group Nicolas Kummert Voices . He can also be heard on albums by Matthieu Marthouvert, Diederik Wissels and Viktor Lazlo .

Kummert has won several prizes, including the Django d'Or (Belgium) as the best young Belgian musician in 2003 .

Discographic notes

  • Alchemy ( Igloo Records 2001, with Philippe Reul, Fabrizio Erba, Renaud Person)
  • Nicolas Kummert Voices One (Prova 2010, with Hervé Samb, Jozef Dumoulin , Nicolas Thys , Lionel Beuvens)
  • Liberté (Prova 2014, with Hervé Samb, Alexi Tuomarila, Nicolas Thys, Jens Bouttery)
  • La diversité (Edition Records, with Lionel Loueke, Nicolas Thys, Karl Jannuska)

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