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Neureut-Heide – Mühlburger Tor
Tram route in the north of Karlsruhe since 2006 on part of the route used by the Hardtbahn from 1870 to 1913
Hardtbahn from Graben-Neudorf (1870–1913)
today's end of the route (with buffer stop)
Wendeschleife Neureut-Heide
Professional academy
Art academy / college
Mühlburger Tor (Grashofstrasse)
Light rail / tram from Entenfang to market square

The North light rail (tram Nordstadt / Heide) is a started operations on May 28, 2006 New line of the tram in Karlsruhe . It is used by tram line 3 and has since connected the Neureut district of Heide and Nordstadt with the Mühlburger Tor and Europaplatz stops , where you can change to several city and tram lines, as well as the main train station .


Tram line 3 in the direction of the main train station on the Nordstadtbahn route

The 3.1 km long, double-track tram route between Neureut-Heide and Mühlburger Tor largely follows the route used by the Hardtbahn ( Graben-Neudorf - Eggenstein - Karlsruhe) from 1870 to 1913 along today's Erzbergerstraße. It begins at the Mühlburger Tor, a junction in the Karlsruhe tram network, where there is a connection to several city and tram lines, and turns into Grashofstraße . It then cuts the Hildapromenade and continues along Riefstahlstraße and Erzbergerstraße through Weißdornweg to the final stop Neureut-Heide in the area of ​​the now demolished ice rink in Heide, a district of Neureut. There is a turning loop , in the inner circle of which the parking lot of the ice rink has been newly created, as well as a siding , which ends at a buffer stop, but is rarely used.

Construction work

The construction work for the northern light rail lasted from December 2005 to April 2006.

The around 570 trees on the median of Erzbergerstraße were often a "stumbling block" during the planning phase for the northern city railway. With a route on the western edge of the green belt and the use of a special design for the stops, the interference in this tree population could be reduced to a minimum. For this reason, precast platforms on individual foundations were used for the first time in the tram network of Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe (VBK).

The connection of Erzbergerstrasse to the tram network was also controversial for a long time. Nine variants were examined in a study: three short tours to the Mühlburger Tor via Reinhold-Frank-Straße (No. 1), Riefstahlstraße (2), Stabelstraße (9), two variants, which should initially lead westwards via Moltkestraße (5) or the southern end of the old airfield (8), which would only reach the city via a detour, a variant that should lead via northern Karlstrasse and on both sides of the coin to Europaplatz (3), and three variants that lead far to the east and should lead via a circle to Kronenplatz (4) or the university grounds to Durlacher Tor (6, 7). However, all of these variants sometimes had serious disadvantages. After a house on today's route was up for sale, VBK bought it and proposed today's route, which was then also implemented as a compromise when this house was demolished.

The design of the stops and the neighboring landscape planning are the result of an urban planning competition. This competition was won in 2001 by the Alsatian architect Alfred Peter from Strasbourg .

There are a total of six new stops along the route of the Nordstadtbahn.


The official inauguration of the Nordstadtbahn took place on May 27, 2006 at the final stop in Neureut-Heide . Regular service began on May 28, 2006.

The very first light rail car previously ran on the tracks of the new line on May 14, 2006 at 9:40 am as part of a test drive.


Tram line 3 on the square in front of the Karlsruhe main station on the way to Neureut-Heide

The Nordstadtbahn is integrated as part of line 3 in the Karlsruhe tram network. The tram line 3 serves the route along the north of the city to the Neureut district of Heide Monday to Friday every 10 minutes. In the evenings and on Saturdays until around 10 a.m., every 20 minutes is offered. On Sundays and public holidays, tram line 3 runs every half hour until around 10 a.m., then again every 20 minutes.

On the Nordstadtbahn - as on most inner-city tram lines - only low-floor vehicles of the types GT6-70D / N , GT8-70D / N and NET 2012 are used, which provide barrier-free access to the 34 cm high low-floor platforms along the route Vehicles offer.


On 6 December 2007, gave Architectural Association Baden-Wuerttemberg the Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe (VBK) for the framing of the North light rail to every four years awarded prize for Exemplary barrier-free building 2007 .


An extension of the tram line 3 from the Heide to the Neureuter new building area Kirchfeld via the old railway line and the free route to the Hardtbahn through the Blankenlocher Weg further to Kirchfeld-Nord has been aimed for since the opening of the Nordstadtbahn in May 2006 and is also long-term in the current development plan and in the local transport development plan intended.

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