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The high school - even Berufsoberschule (BOS) - in Baden-Württemberg is a device which students with medium level of education and a completed vocational training possible in two years, the high school , so the technical university or, alternatively, for occupancy of a second foreign language, the general university entrance to gain. After two years, the vocational high school students write centrally set Abitur exams in the subjects of mathematics , German , English and the profile subject specific to the respective subject. In the vocational high school for social affairs (SO) it is biology with health studies, technical high school (TO) it is physics , in the business school (WO) economics.

In the secondary school, students can usually receive parent-independent student BAföG within the framework of the college level , which - provided that the legal provisions are complied with - does not have to be paid back.

The Baden-Württemberg high schools exist in various fields.

Business schools

Technical high schools

Vocational schools for social affairs

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