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Coat of arms of the Obolensky princes

Obolenski ( Russian Оболенский , also Obolensky , feminine form Obolenskaja ) is a Russian princely family of the Rürik dynasty , belonging to the high nobility .


The house traces its descent to Yuri, the fifth son of Michael von Tschernigow , ruler in the Principality of Chernigow . His descendants ruled the Principality of Obolensk, founded by Juri in 1270 (today Obolenskoe east of Obninsk ) and remained there as governors from 1494 after it was placed under the Grand Duchy of Moscow . A younger branch of the family are the Princes Dolgorukov , another the Princes Repnin .

Many of the ancient Russian aristocrats left the empire after the revolution in 1917 . There is a family association that holds family days in Paris every year on the last weekend in February.

Coat of arms of the Obolensky-Repnin princes

Coat of arms of Obolensky - Repnin

The Obolensky coat of arms contains the arms of Kiev and Chernigov .

Blazon : About silver sign foot, is facing on green ground two vorw. see nat. yellowish hens with bronze wings, one pop in each beak. marked iron arrow, each holding a golden ball in the raised inner claw. In the right, Saint Michael with a golden halo, shield and flaming sword in silver Roman armor and cloak (Kiev), on the left a crowned left-facing black eagle in gold, holding a golden cross diagonally over his body to the right (Tschernigow); Princely hat and coat.

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