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Otto Coester (born April 3, 1902 in Rödinghausen , Westphalia; † August 17, 1990 in Wilhelmsdorf ) was professor of free graphics at the Düsseldorf Art Academy .


Coester studied interior design at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Barmen and art history at the University of Cologne . After a stay in Munich in 1922, he went to work in Paris in 1926 , then to Austria and Czechoslovakia . In 1934 Coester became a lecturer at the Düsseldorf Art Academy , where he was appointed professor for free artistic graphics in 1938 and taught until 1967. After first contacts in 1934, the intensive correspondence with Alfred Kubin began in July 1936 , which ended in 1949. In 1945 he resumed teaching in the poorly repaired academy. In addition to Ewald Mataré , Werner Heuser , Joseph Enseling u. a. he was significantly involved in the repair and reorganization of the academy. In 1946 Coester was appointed city councilor for Düsseldorf by the British military government . 1954 to 1964 he was deputy director of the Düsseldorf Art Academy. In 1959 Otto Coester took part in the documenta II in Kassel . In 1967 he was awarded the Cornelius Prize of the city of Düsseldorf. In that year he also retired entirely to Wilhelmsdorf near Ravensburg. He died there on August 17, 1990.


Coester's graphic works from the 1930s are characterized by romantic realism and changed after the Second World War to a surrealistic fantasy that shows human figures as dream figures in a “ suggestive atmosphere”.

At the end of the 1920s, he and his sister Elisabeth Coester were involved in redesigning the interior of the University Church in Marburg .


  • Johannes Birkhölzer, painter and graphic artist
  • Heinz Edelmann , freelance graphic artist
  • Annemarie Erbslöh, artist, wife of the sculptor Elmar Hillebrand
  • Christel Fausel, entrepreneur, painter
  • Klaus Kammerichs , sculptor, filmmaker and photographer
  • Hans-Georg Lenzen , professor of design, author of children's books, illustrator and translator
  • Leo Leonhard, freelance graphic artist
  • Holger Runge , artist and graphic designer
  • Rolf Sackenheim , artist and graphic designer
  • Pientia Selhorst, painter and missionary


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Solo exhibitions

  • House of Comradeship of German Artists, Berlin, 1940
  • Michael Hertz Gallery, Bremen, 1949
  • Sixty etchings on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday, 15th exhibition at Haus van der Grinten, Kranenburg, 1962
  • Etchings, Herford Art Association, 1963
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  • Etsningar, Uppsala Art Gallery, 1980
  • Galleria Incontro d'arte, Rome, 1981
  • Etchings, Rastede Palace and National Gallery Prague, 1990
  • Otto Coester, 70 etchings from the years 1934–1962 , Kunsttraum 27, Brigitte and Clemens Hillebrand Cologne, 2012

Participation in exhibitions

  • Rhenish Secession, Düsseldorf, 1926
  • Salon international de la Médaille, Paris, 1930
  • Tentoonstelling Westfaalsch-Nederrijnsche Kunst, Amsterdam, 1941
  • Venice Biennale, 1948
  • Rhenish artists, Palais de New York, Paris, 1950
  • documenta II, Kassel, 1959
  • Otto Coester and Christel Fausel, Inter Art Galerie Reich, Cologne, 1981
  • Contemporary German graphics, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, 1982
  • Le siècle de Kafka, Center Pompidou, Paris, 1985

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