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Otto Franke (奥托 · 福兰 阁; born September 27, 1863 in Gernrode ; † August 5, 1946 in Berlin ) was a German sinologist .


Franke was in the service of the German Kaiser worked 1888-1901 as an interpreter in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Amoy, before returning to Germany. Since January 1, 1910, he held the first German chair for "Languages ​​and History of East Asia" at the Colonial Institute of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg . From 1923 to 1931 he taught as a professor of Sinology at the Friedrich Wilhelms University in Berlin. He made a name for himself primarily with his five-volume work on Chinese history . This was the first large-scale attempt at a German-speaking history of China . In 1923 he was accepted as a full member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences . In 1935 he was elected a foreign member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences .

His son was the sinologist Wolfgang Franke . Another son, Ernst Otto (* 1899), died on August 2, 1916 near Martinpuich (Northern France).

Both in Berlin- Adlershof and in the Quedlinburg district of Gernrode there is a street named after Otto Franke.

Works (selection)

  • Studies on the history of Confucian dogma and the Chinese state religion . Friedrichsen publishing house, Hamburg 1920.
  • History of the Chinese Empire . 5 vols. Berlin 1932–1952 (reprint: ISBN 3-11-017034-5 )
  • Memories from two worlds: marginal glosses on your own life story . De Gruyter, Berlin 1954.
  • "Say you foreign lands ..." Travel to East Asia. Diaries and photographs (1888-1901) . Edited by Renata Fu-Sheng Franke and Wolfgang Franke. Institut Monumenta Serica, Sankt Augustin 2009 ( ISBN 978-3-8050-0562-3 )


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