Otto III. (Swabia)

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Otto von Schweinfurt , called the White (* around 995; † September 28, 1057 ), was the son of Heinrich von Schweinfurt , Margrave in the Nordgau and the Gerberga von Henneberg and from 1048 Duke of Swabia .


Due to the legacy left by his father, especially in Radenzgau and in the Schweinfurt area , Otto was one of the most powerful feudal lords in Eastern Franconia. He was count in 1014 on the lower Altmühl ( Kelsgau ), 1024-1031 margrave in the north gau , 1034 count on the lower Naab . He took part in the campaigns against Bohemia (1040 defeat at Cham ), Hungary and Poland and was in 1048, after the death of Duke Otto II of Swabia in 1047, by King Heinrich III. made his successor. However, as a loyal follower of his king, he did not set any noticeable accents in the nine years of his activity. He suffered a defeat in the Battle of Biwanka .

Otto got engaged by order of Heinrich in 1035 to Mathilde, a daughter of the Polish king Boleslaw Chrobry from his fourth marriage with Oda . The marriage did not materialize, however, because the engagement was broken off the following year. Instead he married - again for reasons of imperial politics - Irmingard, † 1078 before April 29, a daughter of the Margrave Ulrich Manfred von Turin (Manfred von Susa ) from the family of the Arduine and the Berta degli Obertenghi , thus the connections of the northern and southern parts of the empire should be strengthened.


Otto and Irmingard had five daughters:

  • Berta (Alberada) († January 1, 1103)
  1. ∞ Hermann II († around 1074), count of Kastl
  2. ∞ Friedrich I († 1103), Count of Kastl
  1. Konrad I († 1053), Duke of Bavaria ( Ezzonen )
  2. ∞ Botho (* 1027/28; † March 1, 1104), Count von Pottenstein, ( Aribonen )

Otto von Schweinfurt was buried in Schweinfurt. Irmingard married Count Ekbert I of Braunschweig († 1068), Margrave of Meißen ( Brunonen ) , in his second marriage in 1058 . With the death of Otto, the political rise of Rudolf von Rheinfelden began as the subsequent Duke of Swabia, who later became the anti-king to Heinrich IV.


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