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Paul Appel (born June 12, 1896 in Wolfskehlen near Darmstadt , † March 18, 1971 in Hamburg ) was a German poet and essayist .


Appel was born on June 12, 1896 in Wolfskehlen im Ried near Darmstadt. After the First World War he studied German , Romance studies and art studies at the universities of Bonn , Leipzig and Giessen . He obtained his doctorate in 1924 in Gießen. phil. with a thesis on the subject of the description of the physical appearance of the human being in the German novel between 1870 and 1900. After completing his doctorate, he did a legal clerkship in Darmstadt, Gießen, Butzbach and Homburg. After the death of his first wife Karola von Wachter in 1925, he took a seven-year break from teaching. During this break he worked for two semesters as a sculptor at the Städelschule with Richard Scheibe and one season as an assistant dramaturge in Darmstadt. Most recently he was senior teacher at the Johanneum (Hamburg) .

In 1934 the first volumes of poetry, To Marie and Blood and Smile, were published . This was followed in 1935 by the poetry volume (Langen-Müller publishing house, Munich). In 1946, the publishing house Claassen and Goverts in Hamburg published a new edition of Appels New Poems , which appeared in the last year of the war . In his essays published by Hauswedell, Hamburg, he wrote particularly about the sculptor Renée Sintenis . His last publication Liedgedichte und Bildgedichte appeared in 1965 and was to become part of a four-volume series; these volumes should contain approximately 270 unpublished poems.

In the 1950s his poems also appeared in national newspapers, so u. a. in the weekly newspaper Die Zeit .


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