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Pavel Kutakhov

Pavel Kutakhov , CBE ( Russian Павел Степанович Кутахов , * 3 . Jul / 16th August  1914 greg. In Malokirsanowka , field of Donschen army , Russian Empire (now Rostov Oblast , Russia ); † 3 December 1984 in Moscow ) was a Soviet pilot and chief marshal of the aviators .


After finishing school in Taganrog , he worked as a mechanic in aircraft production. In 1935 Kutachow joined the Red Army . In 1938 he graduated from the military aviation school in Stalingrad and took part as a chain commander in a fighter pilot regiment in the occupation of eastern Poland in 1939 and in 1939/40 as a member of the 7th and 68th IAP (fighter pilot regiment) in the Soviet-Finnish war , where he participated with I-15bis 131 sorties flew. In 1942 he joined the WKP (B) .

After the beginning of the war against Germany , Kutachow became deputy squadron leader in the 145th IAP on the Karelian Front in June 1941 , and later he himself took over a squadron of the unit, which was renamed the 19th Gw IAP (Gardejagdfliegerregiment) in April 1942. On May 1, 1943, after his service on the Leningrad Front in the rank of major and squadron leader in the 19th Gw IAP, he was awarded the Order of Hero of the Soviet Union . From May 1944 he commanded the 20th Guard Fighter Squadron. During the war Kutachow completed 367 sorties. In 79 dogfights he was able to achieve 14 kills, 28 more were awarded to him as group kills. After the end of the war, Kutachow rose to division or corps commander.

In 1957 he passed the examination at the Military Academy of the General Staff . This enabled Kutachow to become Deputy Commander in Chief in July 1967 and finally in March 1969 himself Commander in Chief of the Air Force of the Soviet Union and also Deputy Minister of Defense. In 1971 he was appointed to the Central Committee of the CPSU and as a deputy to the Supreme Soviet . In 1972 he was appointed Chief Marshal of the Aviators .

Kutachow played an essential part in the air defense doctrine of the Warsaw Pact . With his theories he pointed the way to equipping the Soviet air forces with modern material and created the strategic basis for defense efforts.

In addition, he was involved in training the cosmonauts .

In 1983, he was awarded the Order of Lenin for his services, along with many other honors . In 1966 he had already been named " Honored Military Aviator of the USSR ". In 1984, on the occasion of his seventieth birthday, Kutachow was honored again as Hero of the Soviet Union.

In 1977 he was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in gold in the GDR .


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