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Peter Levy (born September 5, 1955 in Sydney ) is an Australian cameraman .


Levy began his career as a cameraman in 1982 in various television productions. In 1987 he first worked with Stephen Hopkins for his debut film Dangerous Game with John Polson . This was followed by a collaboration that continues to this day. After Hopkins and Levy realized the fifth part of the Nightmare on Elm Street series with Nightmare on Elm Street 5 - The Trauma in 1989 , Predator 2 was released in 1990 . For the action film starring Danny Glover , Peter Levy was named Cameraman of the Year by the Australian Cinematographers Society . In 1991 he made Ricochet - The Impact with Denzel Washington . This was followed by further work with Hopkins with Judgment Night - Sentenced to Kill and Explosive - Blown Away . This was followed by the films The Pirate Bride (1995) by Renny Harlin and Operation - Broken Arrow (1996) directed by John Woo . In 1996 he was also involved in the film The War at Home .

In 1998 Levy was involved in the filming of the television series of the same name, Lost in Space . In 2000 he directed the crime film Under Suspicion with Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman . Director Hopkins' two films flopped and their collaboration ended for the time being. Peter Levy went back to television and worked on Series 24 and Without a Trace . In 2004 he returned to the cinema with Hart am Limit . In the same year there was a renewed collaboration with Stephen Hopkins for the television film The Life and Death of Peter Sellers with Geoffrey Rush in the lead role. This earned him an Emmy for Best Cinematographer .

Most recently Levy worked on the films Lonely Hearts Killers (2006) and The Reaping (2007).

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