The Reaping - The Messengers of the Apocalypse

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German title The Reaping - The Messengers of the Apocalypse
Original title The Reaping
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2007
length 99 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Stephen Hopkins
script Carey Hayes ,
Chad Hayes
production Susan Downey ,
Herb Gains ,
Joel Silver ,
Robert Zemeckis
music John Frizzell
camera Peter Levy
cut Colby Parker Junior

The Reaping - The Messengers of the Apocalypse (Original title: The Reaping ) is an American horror film by Stephen Hopkins from 2007 .


The scientist Katherine Winter worked as a missionary until the violent death of her daughter and her husband, after which she lost her faith in God. Your personal history is told piece by piece in the film in the form of flashbacks. Since then she has been working as a professor at Louisiana State University and exposing supposed divine miracles as delusions.

Winter travels to a small town in Louisiana to investigate another case. The city is said to be plagued by the Ten Plagues . Locals believe Loren McConnell, a child, to be the cause of the events. Soon after the first plagues (water turns to blood, cattle die, locusts attack by the thousands), Katherine realizes that it is indeed the biblical plague. Winter begins a fight against the girl with the villagers in order to stop the last plague, the death of the firstborn.

However, it turns out that the villagers, who are ostensibly Christian, have a satanic cult and have been killing their second-borns for generations. They believe that this is how they will beget the Antichrist in the future. The girl turns out to be an angel sent by God to stop this cult. As the second born, she escaped execution. Instead, her brother was later killed in an attempted murder of herself. The angel sent the plagues to induce the villagers to renounce their cult, but they still hold on to it. Since the villagers are exclusively firstborn, they will be destroyed in the last plague declared by the girl, the death of the firstborn.

After the last plague and the death of the villagers, Katherine drives home with Loren. While driving, Loren discovers that Katherine is pregnant by one of the firstborns and that her child is the devil, so the film has an open ending.


Claudia Puig wrote in the US American magazine USA Today that the thriller was "insane" and "ridiculously bad". He is not the first "misstep" Hilary Swanks after receiving two Oscars , but arguably the worst. Puig advised viewers, since the film under discussion included swarms of sparrow-sized grasshoppers, stomping in a creepy, blood-red river, or killing a gruesome little girl with big eyes, allegedly possessed by the devil, not to leave the screening but to run.

Desson Thomson wrote in the Washington Post that the film was "another bad supernatural thriller". The viewer also wonders what could have moved two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank to participate in this project.

The lexicon of international films is of the opinion that the confused horror film was produced “according to current models” and “does not care about internal logic or a stringent dramaturgy”.


The film was in San Juan ( Puerto Rico ), in Austin ( Texas ) and Louisiana (including in New Orleans turned). It opened in US cinemas on April 5, 2007.

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