Piranha Sharks

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Original title Piranha Sharks
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2014
Director Leigh Scott
script Leigh Scott,
Barney Burman ,
Mark Burman
production Barney Burman,
Mark Burman,
Ramona Mallory ,
Leigh Scott
music Ramona Mallory
cut Ramona Mallory,
Leigh Scott

Piranha Sharks is a 2014 American disaster film directed by Leigh Scott that was grossed on a film budget of only $ 750,000. The film was released on the Internet on August 8, 2014.


New York City : Great white sharks are biologically modified to become the size of piranhas. The piranha sharks are bred for wealthy customers so that they can present the exotic fish in their aquariums. But then the unimaginable happens: the piranha sharks get into the water supply and now cause fear and terror. Now the potential victims are in mortal danger even when they are supposed to be taking a relaxing bath in the bathtub.

Cast and dubbing

The German dubbing was done by the dubbing company Cinephon in Berlin .

Role name actor Voice actor
Keating Benjamin Kanes Maximilian Artajo
Ellsworth Brandon Stacy Dennis Schmidt-Foss
Jackson Collin Galyean
Roxy Ramona Mallory Maria Koschny
Benny Josh Hammond
Wally John Wells Marius Clarén
Brody Frederick Ross
Lawrence Jon-Christian Costable
Kira Gina Marie Zimmerman Melanie Pukass
Dominique Amy Blackman
Mayor Birnam Kevin Sorbo
Jose Caseco Jose Caseco


The site ruthlessreviews.com judged what the film lacks in "blood and CGI effects", it does well with "black humor, great acting and wonderful dialogues". Generally referred to as "very entertaining" and "surprisingly well done". The achievements of Amy Blackman and John Wells were particularly emphasized.

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