Police Story 2

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German title Police Story 2
Original title 警察 故事 續集
Went 2 caat 3 Gu 3 si 6 Zuk 6 zaap 6
Country of production Hong Kong
original language Cantonese
Publishing year 1988
length 102 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Jackie Chan
script Jackie Chan
Edward Tang
production Golden Harvest
music J. Peter Robinson
Cheung Yiu-Cho
camera Yiu-Tsou Cheung

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Police Story

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Police Story 3

Police Story 2 ( Chinese  警察 故事 續集 , Pinyin Jǐngchá Gùshì Xùjí , Jyutping Ging 2 caat 3 Gu 3 si 6 Zuk 6 zaap 6 , alternatively: Police Force 2 or Kowloon ’s Eye ) is an action and martial film filmed in Hong Kong in 1988 Arts film with Jackie Chan directing and in the lead role. After Police Story, it is the second part of the eponymous series.


Kevin Chan was demoted to traffic cop in the first installment after all the trouble caused. At the same time, the gang boss is released from custody because he is said to be in very poor health and only has three months to live.

Then there is a wave of bombings in Hong Kong and Kevin is brought back to his old post to assist the police. After a few investigations, he also manages to find those responsible, who then kidnap his girlfriend May. In a warehouse there is then a final exchange of blows, which Kevin can decide for himself.


"Eastern star Jackie Chan develops an incomparable charisma with his acrobatic fight scenes and his charm."


An uncut, 11-minute longer version of the film has existed in Germany for the first time since May 2005. The previously available FSK-16 version was shortened by about nine minutes of action. The scenes that were missing in the old FSK-16 version were not dubbed in the uncut version and are therefore available in the Cantonese original with German subtitles.


  • The highlights of the film are a fight in a children's playground, a stunt over the roofs of several buses and the finale in a warehouse that completely explodes at the end.
  • During the credits, both failed scenes and unsuccessful stunt acts are played, some of which show the real injuries of the actors and stunt people. You can also see the explosion of the warehouse, which was finally blown up, with the fire brigade deployed until the next morning.
  • The cover of the 2005 Uncut Version shows Chan with a pistol and a police badge with the words "Deputy Sheriff Carlifornia" on it. The photo comes from another film, as "Police Story 2" was shot entirely in Hong Kong and has no connection to the USA or American police authorities.


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