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Uniform badge of the border police unit PUMA

The police unit Puma ( spelling PUMA ) is a special unit of the Austrian police set up in 2018 , which serves the border protection and is set up at each state police headquarters.

Origin and history

The unit was set up in 2018 by Federal Minister Herbert Kickl for border protection. Kickl emphasized the need for a corresponding unit in order to be able to quickly secure the federal border in emergencies, in order to prevent situations such as in autumn 2015 , when the Austrian border was illegally crossed by several thousand people in a few hours.

In June 2018, a first public exercise of the new unit at the Spielfeld border crossing in Styria was held under the name Pro Borders together with soldiers and equipment (especially helicopters) of the armed forces, which was also noticed internationally (e.g. in Germany and Slovenia ) . The exercise was attended by Interior Minister Kickl, Defense Minister Mario Kunasek and the Styrian Governor Hermann Schützenhöfer .

When it was set up, around 400 officials were assigned to the unit; this number is to be increased to 600 over time.


The main task of the unit is to control the Austrian national borders. Furthermore, the unit should be able to mobilize and move together up to 600 officers for border protection within 24 hours if necessary. In Vorarlberg, officials are also said to be patrolling Lake Constance . Another task is the action against cross-border crime. If it appears necessary, the EU's internal borders should be continuously checked again.


The unit has received media and political criticism since it was founded. It was described as "curious" that there was a dress rehearsal in Spielfeld before the exercise in order to make the exercise successful in the media. The FPÖ- related Signs Werbeagentur GmbH was commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior to create a logo , although a public tender was dispensed with.

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