Federal Ministry for National Defense

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AustriaAustria  Federal Ministry for National Defense
Austrian Authority
Logo of Austria's Armed Forces
State level Federation
Position of the authority Federal Ministry
founding July 15, 1956 Federal Ministry for National Defense
Headquarters Vienna 9 , Rossauer Kaserne
Authority management Klaudia Tanner , Federal Minister for National Defense
Budget volume EUR 2.55 billion (2020)
Website www.bundesheer.at
Klaudia Tanner , Federal Minister for National Defense
Headquarters of the BMLV in the Rossau barracks

The Federal Ministry of Defense (short BMLV or Defense ) is the Military Affairs, in particular the Austrian army , responsible Federal Ministry of the Republic of Austria .


At the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy , an imperial and royal war ministry , which was responsible for the entire monarchy, and an imperial and royal ministry for national defense , which only served the Austrian half of the empire , were set up. From 1918 to 1920 there was a State Office for Army Affairs , from 1920 to 1936 a Federal Ministry for Army Affairs , and from 1936 to 1938 the authority was called the Federal Ministry for National Defense . When it belonged to the Greater German Reich, there was no separate Austrian authority. From 1945 to 1956, during the period when the Republic of Austria was externally controlled by the occupying powers, the national defense agendas were the responsibility of the Office for National Defense , a section in the Federal Chancellery . A separate ministry was then set up again, which until 2009 was called the Federal Ministry for National Defense .

In the Federal Government of Faymann I , the sports agendas previously located in the Federal Chancellery were attached to the Ministry of Defense. Sport was first mentioned by law in 1966 as a matter of the Federal Ministry of Education, in 1984 sport appeared in a ministry designation for the first time with the designation Federal Ministry of Education, Art and Sport . In 1991 sport came to the Federal Ministry for Health, Sport and Consumer Protection, 1995 to the Federal Chancellery , 2000 to the Federal Ministry for Public Achievement and Sport , in 2003 again to the Federal Chancellery and finally in 2009 to the Federal Ministry for National Defense and Sport . In 2018, the sports agendas became part of the newly created Federal Ministry for Public Service and Sport , as a result of which the Ministry of Defense was renamed the Federal Ministry for National Defense .


The Federal Ministry for National Defense is responsible for:

  • Military affairs. This also includes in particular:
    • Matters relating to the constitutionally defined tasks of the Federal Army.
    • Matters of the operational and tactical command of the armed forces.
    • Military Aviation Affairs.
    • Matters relating to the armament and equipment of the Federal Army as well as the personnel and material addition of the Federal Army.
    • Military arms, gunnery and ammunition matters.
    • Defense technology matters including military-technical research and testing.
    • Affairs of the Military Areas.
    • Matters relating to the protection of the health of members of the Federal Armed Forces, including military hospitals and the supply of military medicinal products.
    • Affairs of the military attaché service.
    • Matters relating to the construction, maintenance and management of all federal buildings, facilities and properties that serve the Federal Ministry, the Army Administration or the Federal Army, including the Museum of Military History.
    • Shipping, automotive, telecommunications and surveying matters in the military sector.
    • Guided tour of the Army History Museum (Military History Institute) .
    • Affairs of military foundations and funds.
    • Affairs of the Allentsteig Army Forestry Administration.
    • European Defense Agency affairs.


The Federal Ministry for National Defense is structured as follows.

  • Federal Minister for National Defense (FBM)
  • Secretary General (HGS)
    • Cabinet of the Federal Minister & General Secretariat (KBM & GS)
    • Revision group (GrpRev)
      • Office of the Data Protection Officer (BürDSB) - sRef
      • Audit department A (RevA)
      • Audit department B (RevB)
    • Center for Information and Defense Policy (ZIW)
      • Information & Public Relations Department (Info & Public Relations)
      • Department for People-Oriented Leadership and Defense Policy (MFW)
    • Section I: Presidents, Personnel, Law (SI)
      • Office of the Parliamentary Armed Forces Commission (BürPBHK)
      • Group Presidium (GrpPres)
        • Presidential Department (Pres)
        • Disciplinary and Complaints Department (DiscBW)
        • Department of Parliament, Council of Ministers and Ombudsman Service (PMVD)
      • Legal and Legislative Service Group (GrpRechtLeg)
        • Legal Department (Law)
        • Self-Legislative Department (ELeg)
        • Foreign Legislation and International Law Department (FLeg)
      • Personnel and Complementary Group (GrpPersErg)
        • Personnel department A (PersA)
        • Personnel Department B (PersB)
        • Human Resources Department C (PersC)
      • Deployment Support Group (GrpBstgU)
        • Personnel Management Department (PersFü)
        • Personnel Marketing Department (PersMkt)
        • Personnel provider / central control element (PersPro / ZLE)
    • General Staff (GStb)
      • General Staff Department (GStbAbt)
      • Change Management IT 2020 (CMIT 2020)
      • Intelligence Defense (ndAbw)
      • Intelligence Intelligence (nd Aufkl)
      • General Staff Directorate (GStbDion)
        • Basic Planning Group (GrpGSPl)
          • Military Strategy Department (MilStrat)
          • Science, Research and Development Department (WFE)
          • Control department A (KontrA)
          • Control Department B (KontrB)
          • Innovation Office (InnoBür)
        • Security Policy Directorate (DionSihPol)
          • Defense Policy Department (VPol)
          • Military Policy Department (MilPol)
          • Military Diplomacy Department (MilDipl)
        • Control and budget group (GrpStrgHH)
          • Budget Department (Budg)
          • Business Administration and Financial Management Department (BWFin)
          • Transformation Department (Transf)
      • Section III: Provision (S III)
        • Armaments Policy Department (RüstPol)
        • Commercial Department (KA)
        • Structures and Organization Group (GrpStruktOrg)
          • Structural Planning Department (StruktPl)
          • Organization Department (Org)
          • Information and Communication Technology Planning Department (IKTPl)
          • Infrastructure Department
        • Logistics group (GrpLog)
          • Quartermaster Department (Qu)
          • Logistic Support Department (LogU)
          • Military Health Service (MilGesW)
          • Central Technical Affairs Department (ZTA)
          • Materials Management Department (MatWi)
        • Armaments and Procurement Directorate (DionRB)
          • Deployment Projects Department (BstgProj)
          • Vehicles, Equipment and Personal Equipment Department (FGP)
          • Weapon Systems and Ammunition Department (WSM)
          • Aircraft Department (LzA)
          • Information and Communication Technology Systems Department (IKTS)
          • Management Support Department (FüU)
      • Section IV: Deployment (S IV)
        • Ongoing missions group (GrpLE)
          • Operations Management Department (EFü)
          • Situation Center Department (LZ)
          • Military Aviation Department (MLF)
        • Operational Basics Group (GrpEGL)
          • Deployment Planning Department (EPl)
          • Deployment Preparation Department (EVb)
          • Program Planning Department (ProgPl)
        • Training group (GrpAusbW)
          • Training A Department
          • Training B department
          • Regulations and Terminology Department (Vor)
          • Army Sports Department (HSpo)

Business areas

The Federal Ministry for National Defense has the subordinate departments. The unit abbreviation is in brackets.

Federal Minister

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