Theodor Kittelsen

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Theodor Kittelsen self-portrait from 1888
Pesta i trappen (The plague on the steps)
Fattigmannen (the poor man)

Theodor Severin Kittelsen (born April 27, 1857 in Kragerø , † January 21, 1914 in Jeløya ) was a Norwegian artist .

He became known on the one hand for his depictions of nature and on the other hand for his illustrations of fairy tales and legends, especially of trolls .

Kittelsen first learned to be a painter and watchmaker . Later his talent is discovered and he takes lessons at the art school in Christiania. Thanks to generous financial support, he was able to continue his studies in Munich . From 1879 he had to earn his own living as a draftsman for German newspapers and magazines . Back in Norway he later discovered nature as a great inspiration . Here Kittelsen begins to write texts for his drawings himself. Kittelsen's style is somewhere between (neo-) romanticism and naive painting. Although he is valued as a national artist in Norway, he has received little international attention. His name is hardly listed in any painting dictionary. In 1955 the Kittelsengasse in Vienna - Favoriten was named after him.


His drawings were used by the popular Norwegian black metal bands Burzum and Satyricon as a design element for two albums each and are therefore very well known in this musical subculture.

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