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Location of the federal police headquarters (in red)
Federal Police Directorate Vienna
Federal Police Directorate St. Pölten

A Federal Police Directorate (abbreviated BPD and obsolete BPolDion ) was an Austrian security authority of 1st instance until August 31, 2012 ; A reorganization came into effect on September 1, 2012 (see below). There were 14 federal police headquarters in Austria, namely in the cities of Eisenstadt , Graz , Innsbruck , Klagenfurt , Leoben , Linz , Salzburg , Schwechat , Steyr , St. Pölten , Villach , Wels , Vienna and Wiener Neustadt .

The local area of ​​activity extended to the area of ​​the respective municipality, with two exceptions: The Federal Police Directorate Eisenstadt was also responsible for the area of ​​the Freistadt ( statutory city ) Rust , the Federal Police Directorate Schwechat also for the parts of the Vienna-Schwechat airport located outside the Schwechat municipality .

Until 1998, there were local areas of activity for individual border crossings restricted to border control and related matters, most recently railway border crossings Rosenbach (Federal Police Directorate Villach) and Spielfeld-Straß (Federal Police Directorate Graz) and railway lines leading there on which border controls were carried out during the journey.

At the head of a Federal Police Directorate stood the Police Director, the head of the Federal Police Directorate Vienna was called the Police President . The Vienna police chief was also the security director of the Vienna Security Directorate . Since January 1st, 2008, Gerhard Pürstl has held the office of the Vienna Police President. Since September 1, 2012 he has been the State Police President for Vienna.

The city ​​police commanders and their police inspectors were subordinate to the federal police directors in arranging the security administration; in Vienna there are 14 city police commanders who are subordinate to the state police commanders; this was subordinate to the police chief. The police director or police chief and the organs of the public security service attached to, assigned or directly subordinate to him performed the executive service . In addition to the police lawyers, these were primarily and primarily the members of the federal police guard .


(List only demonstratively):

Outside the sphere of activity of federal police departments, the district administrative authority is responsible for the matters listed .

Since 2003, the federal police departments were no longer responsible for registration, passport management and lost property.

The affairs of the internal service of the Federal Police Directorates were taken care of by them themselves, with the exception of the personnel and service matters. The respective Security Directorate (.SID) was responsible for these matters.

Criminal Records Office

The Federal Police Directorate Vienna was also the criminal records office of Austria and administered the criminal records of all residents. Its data is requested for the criminal record certificate and issued in the context of the introduction of the Central Register of Residents (ZMR) in 2002 at every registration office in the local community , in Vienna itself at the police station .

Federal Police Commissariate until 1976

Until the end of 1976, the federal police authorities in Leoben, St. Pölten, Schwechat, Steyr, Villach, Wels and Wiener Neustadt were called Federal Police Commissariats . They were only renamed to Federal Police Directorates with an ordinance of the Federal Government Kreisky III (Minister of the Interior: Otto Rösch ) of December 7, 1976 with effect from January 1, 1977.


see article Security Agency Restructuring 2012

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