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Logo of the state police headquarters using the example of the LPD Upper Austria

A State Police (abbreviated LPD ) is in Austria since September 2012 a the Ministry of the Interior under standing safety authority II. And in some cases of first instance. A state police department has been set up for each of the nine federal states .

Origin and history

In November 2011 by the then Home Secretary was Johanna Mikl-Leitner and State Secretary Josef Ostermayer a concept for a merging of the security agencies II. Instance set up for each state security directorates , the 14 I. as security agencies Instance appointed federal police and the state police command posts to nine State police headquarters presented.

The reason for this was a budgetary tightening from the previous 31 individual budget items to only nine, and a cost saving of around eight to ten million euros through the savings in management staff. The reform was decided in spring 2012 with the votes of the governing parties SPÖ and ÖVP as well as the opposition parties FPÖ and BZÖ , only the Greens voted against the reform. The reaction of the provincial governors was also consistently positive.

The nine state police directors were presented to the public on August 31, 2012 at a ceremony in the redouten halls of the Hofburg . They were mainly the former heads of the security directorates or state police commanders. The reform began on September 1, 2012 and was completed on January 1, 2013 as planned.


Locations and responsibilities

Building of the Salzburg State Police Directorate

The state police departments are legally defined as security authorities in § 78a ff. Of the Federal Constitutional Act and in § 7 Security Police Act. They are based in the respective state capital and are called the state police department with the name of the state for which they are set up. The state police departments act as security authorities of the 1st and 2nd instance and as the head of the federal police guard at the state level, in that they have been entrusted with the executive service. This is the first time an integrity of the security authority and the security body.

As a security agency

As the second instance security authority, the regional police departments in all federal states except Vienna are subject to the district authorities and, in Lower Austria, the mayors of the statutory cities of Krems an der Donau and Waidhofen an der Ybbs as district administrative authorities and thus security authorities of the first instance.

It is also valid for the areas of the municipalities of Eisenstadt , Graz , Innsbruck , Klagenfurt , Leoben , Linz , Rust , Salzburg , Schwechat (including the parts of the Vienna-Schwechat airport outside Schwechat ), St. Pölten , Steyr , Villach , Wels , Vienna and Wiener Neustadt the security authority of the 1st instance. A total of 20 police commissariats , which function as branch offices of the state police headquarters, have been set up in the cities of Leoben, Schwechat, Steyr, Villach, Wels and Wiener Neustadt as well as in Vienna to perform the tasks on site . No community guards may be set up in communities in which the state police headquarters are the security authority of the 1st instance .

As head of the federal police guard

As the head of the federal police guard at state level, the state police departments are also subordinate to the district and city ​​police commanders as well as numerous other organizational units of the federal police guard, for example the operational and standby units , the operational groups to combat street crime and the PUMA units set up in 2018 .


The most important task of the state police directorates is the security administration , which includes not only the security police but also the passport and registration system, the aliens police , the monitoring of entry into and exit from the federal territory, the weapons , ammunition, shooting and explosives system as well as the Press and association and assembly matters. Another important task is the traffic police.

In the municipalities in which the state police departments are the first instance security authority, the mayor or the district authority is still the passport and registration authority.

Furthermore, it is incumbent on the state police directors, by ordinance at the request of the respective municipalities, to add a municipal guard to the district administrative authorities to carry out executive service.


Postponement of an official with the rank of state police director

The state police departments are monocratic authorities . The head of a state police department is the state police director, who in Vienna is traditionally referred to as the state police president .

The basic structures were largely uniform for all state police departments, only the state police departments in Vienna and Vorarlberg have different structures.

Basic structure of the state police headquarters (except Vienna)


The state police departments are divided into management and specialist departments. The state police director takes care of the business together with his two deputies; The public relations and internal operations office as well as the controlling office report directly to him. Despite the organization as a monocratic authority, the state police director should make far-reaching decisions - for example, regarding strategies and goals - but together with his two deputies.

The Deputy in Division A (Strategy and Operations) is assigned the Organization, Strategy and Duty Office with the departments of Organization and Strategy, Duty and Police Medical Service. This business area includes, among other things, the areas of strategy development and implementation, budget and investment planning, personnel development and enforcement matters. The Deputy State Police Director in Division B (Procedures and Support) is responsible for the legal affairs, quality and knowledge management and budget offices. In these areas, among other things, general matters of the State Police Directorate as the higher authority, legal and procedural matters, data protection as well as fundamental infrastructure and procurement matters are dealt with.

More units

The specialist departments of the state police departments are subordinate to the management: the operations department (EA), the foreign and border police department (FGA), the state traffic department (LVA), the state criminal investigation office (LKA) , the state office for the protection of the constitution and the fight against terrorism (LVT) , security - and Administrative Police Department (SVA), the Human Resources Department (PA) and the Logistics Department (LA). They are in turn divided into sections and specialist areas. State Office of Criminal Investigation, State Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counterterrorism and State Traffic Department are considered to be offices.


Since the Landespolizeidirektion Vorarlberg is not the first instance security authority for any municipality, no security and administrative police department has been set up.

Basic structure of the Vienna State Police Directorate

A separate structure of the state police headquarters was set up for Vienna, which is derived from the historical circumstances and the dual role of Vienna as a state and municipality.

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