Peace in the Pyrenees

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The Pyrenees Peace (also Pyrenees Peace ) was the conclusion of peace between France and Spain on November 7, 1659. It ended the Franco-Spanish War , which had been going on since 1635 .

Louis XIV of France and Philip IV of Spain on Pheasant Island
Territorial gains in the Peace of the Pyrenees

The armed conflicts between France and Spain had outlived the Peace of Westphalia . On the one hand France had intervened in Spain ( uprisings in Catalonia , 1640 to 1652), on the other hand Spain had supported the Fronde .

The contract was signed in a neutral place, Pheasant Island in the Bidasoa River near Hendaye (France).


Spain had to cede all of Artois , parts of Flanders , Hainaut and Luxembourg as well as northern Catalonia (with the exception of Llívia ) to France. The Pyrenees were set as the new border between Spain and France. In addition, Maria Teresa , the daughter of King Philip IV of Spain , was married to Louis XIV of France . The Infanta had their claims to the Spanish throne on the condition that this monetary compensation of 500,000 gold écus is paid to France. However, these were not paid, which meant that their entitlements were retained and the cause of the war of devolution was given as early as 1666 . France had to pledge that it would refrain from providing material and military support to Portugal , which had been in revolt against Madrid since 1640. But they did not adhere to this either, but secretly sent General Friedrich von Schomberg of German descent to Lisbon with a group of training officers in 1660 .

After the extinction of the Spanish Habsburgs , through the death of Charles II , the Bourbons claimed the Spanish throne for Philip V on the basis of the Peace of the Pyrenees in 1700 , which provoked the War of the Spanish Succession .

With the Peace of the Pyrenees, the dominance of Spain in the European balance of power that had existed since the Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis was replaced by that of France.


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