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Rainer Goerdeler (born March 9, 1941 in Leipzig ) is a German lawyer and business economist. He was a ministerial official in Bonn and in the foreign service.


Goerdeler is one of five children of the politician Ulrich Goerdeler (1913–2000) and his wife Irma, b. Reuter. He began to study law and economics at the University of Marburg . In 1959 he became a member of the Corps Teutonia Marburg . He later moved to the Free University of Berlin , the University of Munich and the University of Nancy . Since 1963 trainee lawyer , he became Dr. iur. PhD . He passed the assessor examination in 1968 and joined the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in 1969 . In 1972 he was seconded to the Foreign Office and sent to the OECD representation in Paris. He has also been a business economist since 1975, and was director of the Asian Development Bank in Manila from 1978 to 1981 . From 1984 to 1988 he was a development officer at the German Embassy in Beijing . Then he returned to the BMZ. He retired in 2005 as Ministerial Director , Head of Department and Representative for Asia, South-East Europe and Afghanistan . In 1993 he was a founding member of the "Society of Friends of the Leipzig Gewandhaus ". He is a member of the board of trustees and has been chairman of the Carl and Anneliese Goerdeler Foundation since 2000, which has awarded the Grassi Prize and the Carl Goerdeler Prize since 1999 .

As the grandson of Carl Friedrich Goerdeler (1884–1945), he was abducted to the children's home in the Borntal in Bad Sachsa after the failed assassination attempt of July 20, 1944, like other "Children of July 20" and only returned to the Borntal two months after the war ended Care of his family. The film director Jean-Pierre Isbouts interviewed him in 2008 for his documentary film Stauffenberg's attack on Hitler .



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