Rantanplan (band)

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Rantan plan
General information
origin Hamburg , Germany
Genre (s) Ska punk
founding 1995
Website rantanplan-sucks.de
Founding members
Marcus Wiebusch (until 2001)
Vocals, guitar
Torben Meissner
Reimer Bustorff (until 2001)
Drums , vocals
Olli (1995)
Current occupation
Vocals, guitar
Torben Meissner
Trumpet , 2nd part
Gero Graas (since 2009)
Wido Sauer (since 2003) (also organ) Ulf Werner since 2009
Kalle (since 2016)
Marlon Fertinger (since 2010)
former members
Daniel "Brian" Wickersheim (1996–2004) , Sven – Ole Schoch (2004–2009)
Lars Ramakers (1996-2003)
Joey (2010-2011)
Lars “Peso” Paetzelt (2001–2006) ,
Tim Grunwald (2006–2009) ,
Rafael de Leon-Marcuse (2009–2010) , Kay Petersen (2010–2016)
Drums, vocals
Tim Schottstedt (1995-2006) ,
Lars Hellberg (2006-2009)

Rantanplan is a Founded in 1995 in Hamburg ska-punk - band . The only remaining founding member is the singer and guitarist Torben Meissner. Two founding members, Marcus Wiebusch and Reimer Bustorff , left the band in 2001 and founded Kettcar .

Band history

Rantanplan live 2014

Meissner and bassist Bustorff founded Rantanplan in autumn 1995 in Hamburg, based on Operation Ivy and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones . The band decided to only sing German lyrics, as Bustorff spoke poor English and especially had problems with the pronunciation of the Th sounds . Meissner and the drummer Tim Schottstedt, who joined in 1996, had previously played in a hardcore band that was based on the New York style : Their sound was mainly characterized by hard guitars and was called "Bandog" (chain dog) . Back then there were bands like Pitbull , Bull Terrier and others who named themselves after fighting dogs. In order to differentiate itself ironically, it was decided to use the name "Rantanplan", after Lucky Luke's dog , who is "dumber than his own shadow" and whose thoughts mainly revolve around food.

After recording the first demo tape Hippiejäger and Shot, Shitty, for nothing, for everything and a line-up change on the drums, Rantanplan played the first tour in 1996 , during which trombonist Daniel Wickersheim from Schopfheim was accepted as a permanent member.

Singer and guitarist Torben Meissner, 2014
Drummer Marlon Fertinger

In the spring of 1996 Christian Mevs produced the debut album Keinklopfenfen (Against the Trend) in the Soundgarden Studio in Hamburg . Three more tours and numerous solo appearances followed before Mevs produced the second record Köpfer in 1998 .

In 1998 Rantanplan played at the Stemweder Open Air .

In 2001 Bustorff and Wiebusch left Rantanplan and founded Kettcar . In April 2004 Wickersheim also left the band and was replaced by Schoch.

While the first two Rantanplan albums were still released on Wiebusch's BA Records , a forerunner of the Grand Hotel van Cleef label , they are now all distributed via RodRec and Hamburger All Styles . In October 2007, the studio album 20359 was released , which the band had recorded with producer Don Fury in New York.

In October 2009 the line-up changed again after bassist Tim Grunwald, drummer Lars Hellberg and trombonist Sven-Ole Schoch left the band. Grunwald and Schoch were replaced by de Leon-Marcuse and Graas, who had previously performed with the band on a temporary basis. The drummer was Marlon Fertinger , who also plays in the internationally active punk rock band Narcolaptic .

In November 2009 the first live album was released, which the band presents after 15 years of band history. The band described it as "a tribute to the more than 250,000 concert-goers who have attended and celebrated the Rantanplan concerts in the past 15 years".

Music style and lyrics

The band treats topics such as politics, society, religion and culture in their lyrics in a cynical and humorous way. A special feature is the fact that there is a sung poem on many of the band's albums. Works by Rainer Maria Rilke ( The Panther on the Köpfer album ), Bertolt Brecht and Friedrich Nietzsche ( Ecce homo on the Samba album ) have already been heard in the past .

Musically, Rantanplan can be found between rock, ska and punk. The style changes from album to album, with one style often being an emphasis on an album.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Light and shadow
  DE 71 01/20/2017 (1 week)
Stay Rudel - Stay Rebel
  DE 31 02/01/2019 (1 week)
  • 1996: No Pat on the Back (Against the Trend) (CD / LP) (BA Records)
  • 1998: Köpfer (CD / LP) (BA Records)
  • 2000: Samba (CD / LP) (Rod Record)
  • 2002: Bar theses (double 7 ″ / CD EP )
  • 2003: Young man wanted to travel with (CD / LP) (Hamburger)
  • 2005: Liebe Minus Null (CD / EP)
  • 2007: 20359 (CD / LP) Hamburg Allstyles Records
  • 2009: Shut up - make music! (CD / LP) (Wallpaper Records)
  • 2010: Unleashed (CD) (Hamburg Allstyles Records) / (LP) (Wallpaper Records)
  • 2013: Pauli (CD / LP) (Hamburg Allstyles Records / Neo-Lacrima-Records / Sony Music)
  • 2017: Licht und Schatten (CD / Digipack / LP / Box-Set) (Drakkar Records / Soulfood Music)
  • 2019: Stay Rudel - Stay Rebel (Drakkar Records / Soulfood Music)


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