Ras Lanuf

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راس لانوف
Ra's Lanuf
Ras Lanuf
Ras Lanuf (Libya)
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Coordinates 30 ° 31 '  N , 18 ° 34'  E Coordinates: 30 ° 31 '  N , 18 ° 34'  E
Basic data
Country Libya


height 1 m
Residents 13,300 (2010)

Ras Lanuf ( Arabic راس لانوف) is a small town with around 13,300 inhabitants (2010 extrapolation) in the municipality of Surt in Libya on the Gulf of Sidra .


Nearest places are as-Sidr (10 km west of the housing estate) and Ben Jawad (about 40 km northwest) and El Agheila (70 km southeast).

Ras Lanuf is thus the easternmost coastal town in the historic province of Tripolitania . From 1937 to 1970 the triumphal arch Arco dei Fileni was located about 35 km south-east on the Via Balbia coastal road .


About 5 km southeast of the residential area Ras Lanuf is the cottage settlement for the employees of the oil refinery of the same name and the oil port, which is the most important for Libyan oil exports next to that in Al Burayqah . The refinery is again located 5 km southeast near the oil port. The state-owned Ras Lanuf Refinery has been one of the most important refineries in Libya since 1983 and is operated by the Ras Lanuf Oil & Gas Processing Company (Rasco) , a subsidiary of the National Oil Corporation . A road to the south leads to the Dahra oil fields and is closed to the public. The new Ras Lanuf airfield is located next to the cottage settlement .

As part of the new construction of the Sirt – Benghazi railway line , RŽD set up a construction camp near the city from 2008 and a rail processing facility in 2010.


The 2011 uprising in Libya also broke out in Ras Lanuf. Insurgents reported on March 4, 2011 that they had captured the city from government troops. On March 8, the Libyan Air Force carried out at least five air strikes in Ras Lanuf. Insurgent positions were attacked, but residential areas were also hit. After Ras Lanuf fell back into the hands of the government troops on March 11th, the city was retaken by the insurgents on March 27th, 2011. On March 30th, the city fell back to government forces. On August 23, 2011, the city was taken again by the rebels.

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