Rasta prison

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Rasta prison
General information
Genre (s) punk
founding 1997
Founding members
Martin K.
Andreas "Höhnie" Höhn
Current occupation
Guitar, vocals
Martin K.
Guitar, vocals
Bass, vocals
former members
Konrad Kittner († 2006)
Guitar, vocals
Guitar, vocals
Bass, vocals
Thomas "Cpt. Planless"
Guitar, vocals
Peter "rear gate"

Rasta Knast is a German punk band that was founded in early 1997 in Celle .


The two founders Martin K. and Andreas Höhn discovered their preference for Swedish punk and within two days recorded the EP Prøbegepøgt with three Asta-Kask covers and one of their own. Then the project turned into a band - first with the ex-members of Wonderprick , Holger and Martin, later with Carsten as drummer and Konrad Kittner (formerly Falling Carrier Pigeons ) on bass.

The debut album entitled Legal Kriminal was recorded in January 1998, just like the EP, with Martin K. on guitar, bass, drums and as singer, and Andreas Höhn as guitarist and singer. Konrad Kittner already sang a few choirs on the album. On the EP there were also some cover versions of older Scandinavian punk songs. The texts of these songs were translated into German accordingly.

In October 1999 the second album The Cat Bites a Wire was released . During this time, drummer Carsten was replaced by Eric from Rendsburg, who left the band in 2000.

In the same year Rasta Knast recorded the EP Turistas alemanes asesin @ s , on which, together with three guest singers, the Mallorcaos-Punx is sung exclusively in Spanish . The EP also features three cover songs by Spanish punk bands. Also in 2000, Phill (Ex-Antibody) joined as a drummer. When Konrad Kittner had to leave the band for health reasons, the band broke up for the first time in the summer of 2000.

A short time later Martin K. made with Florentin (Ex- The-Annoyed ) on second guitar and vocals and Thomas “Cpt. Planlos “(performance group Maulich) as bassist. The following split EP Varning! with the Sweden Troublemakers was the first release in this new line-up.

The third long-playing record Bandera Pirata was recorded with the same line-up in 2001 , this time with two cover songs by bands from Latin America . The split LP / CD Marcas da revolta with the Brazilian hardcore punks Agrotóxico was also recorded in 2002 and came onto the market in 2003. It is a pure cover album .

The split EP Kanpai followed in autumn 2003 with the Japanese punk band Crispy Nuts - again with a different line-up: Florentin had left, and ex- hate front man Peter joined for him . After a tour of Brazil in 2004, the band broke up a second time. In the meantime, bassist Thomas had also left the band. In June 2005, Fratz, the label owner of Hulk Räckorz, continued as the new bass player. In September 2006 Rasta Knast separated from Fratz again. Alex Schwers from RodeoRock Produktion temporarily stepped in as bassist for a few gigs and was replaced by Atti ( Kasa , exWKA) in mid-2007 .

Shortly afterwards, the fifth album Live in São Paulo was released in 2007 .

Because of the too great distances (Celle, Hamburg and meanwhile also Prague) one had to say goodbye to Peter and Phill in June 2008, whereby Peter continued to work for the band “on the label”. However, things continued seamlessly with Dom (Mighty Mopped) on bass and Ballo (ex-throttle, ex-Kommando-Kap-Horn) on drums, from then on Atti played the second guitar. However, Ballo left the band in the summer of 2010, the current drummer is Nils (Reset // Mankind, Ex-Kollateral, Ex-Not Really).

In addition to appearances in Germany, the band has toured in Sweden , Norway , Brazil, Japan, England , Ireland , Russia and Spain. In the meantime the band had their own label Varning! Founded and operated for Punk Records .

In January 2009 the EP Friede, Freude, Untergang , which had been announced for some time, was released .

In 2010 a compilation followed (now on Destiny Records) on the occasion of the 13th anniversary with Tertius Decimus , which included various pieces from all phases of the band's history and some of them were re-recorded.

On July 20, 2012, the fourth album Trallblut , whose name is derived from the sub-genre of Trallpunk , was released on LP and CD.



  • Prøbegepøgt (EP, 1997)
  • Legal Kriminal (Mini-LP / CD, 1998/1999)
  • The cat bites a wire (LP / CD, 1999)
  • Turistas alemanes asesin @ s (EP, 2000)
  • Varning! (Split EP with Troublemakers, 2000)
  • Bandera Pirata (LP / CD, 2001)
  • Marcas da revolta (Split-LP / CD with Agrotóxico, 2003)
  • Kanpai (Split EP with Crispy Nuts, 2003)
  • Live in São Paulo (CD, 2007)
  • Peace, Joy, Doom (EP / MCD, 2008/2009)
  • Tertius Decimus (CD 2010)
  • Trallblut (LP / CD, 2012)


  • Sure There Are Better Times Vol. 6 (1997 Höhnie Records ),
  • Punk Christmas Vol. 2 (1997 Nasty Vinyl ),
  • German punk fighting songs Vol. 2 (1998 AGR ),
  • BRD Punk Terror Vol. 2 (1998 Nasty Vinyl),
  • Blitzkrieg over you! (Ramones Tribute) (1998 Nasty Vinyl),
  • Mia san ned Marionetz (Tribut-Comp.) (1999 HöhNIE Records),
  • Aggröran Vol. IV (1999 Agg Rec.SW),
  • Definitely 50 spänn Vol.8 (1999 Birdnest, SW),
  • Röjarskivan Vol. IV (2000 Aegg Rec.SW),
  • Partisans Vol. 5 (2000 Day-Glo Records),
  • Definitely 50 spänn Vol. 9 (2000 Birdnest, SW),
  • Nasty Vinyl Sucks (2002 Nasty Vinyl),
  • BRD Punk Terror Vol. 4 (2002 Nasty Vinyl),
  • Punk Rock BRD (2003 Weird System ),
  • Peace Attack Vol. 2 (2003 Impact Records ),
  • Label sampler "Leben Lachen Fiegen" (2004 Plastic Bomb ),
  • Punk Rock BRD Vol. II 2004 (Weird System)
  • BRD Punk Terror Vol. 5 (2006 SPV)

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