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Reinhold Zumtobel (born February 24, 1878 in Hausen im Wiesental , † September 27, 1953 in Freiburg im Breisgau ) was a German newspaper editor, trade unionist and SPD politician.


After his mother died on Christmas Eve and the father was addicted to alcohol, the half-orphan was initially dependent as a so-called “community boy” on welfare benefits from his native town of Hausen im Wiesental in southern Baden. Reinhold Zumtobel's professional path began as a worker in a local factory. In the year of the Reichstag election in 1903 , Zumtobel initiated the establishment of the local SPD association in Hausen in the “Krone” inn that no longer exists today. The SPD sensationally won an absolute majority in this election in Hausen, making it the party's regional stronghold. Zumtobel was also one of the leading figures in the SPD district of Schopfheim . The SPD then nominated him as a candidate for the state parliament and in 1910 made it possible for him to attend their Reichsparteischule for future leaders in Berlin . After graduation, he became editor-in-chief of the first social democratic newspaper in Freiburg im Breisgau , the “ People's Watch ”. Political opponents strained at this time to several court cases against him because he before the outbreak of World War anonymous one, of Rosa Luxembourg originating, anti-militarist article was printed. Zumtobel was one of the Baden delegates at the first Reichsrätekongress in Berlin (1918) . From 1919 he was a city councilor for the SPD in Freiburg. After the Reichstag fire in 1933, he was arrested, the “People's Watch” banned, and Zumtobel was banned from working. As a substitute, he now wrote articles for the Sunday supplement of the Markgräfler Tagblatt about the Alemannic poet Johann Peter Hebel , whom he admired , works on local history and played a key role in the creation of the first Hausen local chronicle. In the course of the “ synchronization ”, Zumtobel also lost his political mandate and suffered repeated harassment. He was arrested again in connection with the Stauffenberg assassination attempt on Hitler on July 20, 1944 . Zumtobel died in Freiburg in 1953; he was buried in the cemetery of Hausen.


  • 1949: Honorary citizen of his birthplace Hausen im Wiesental
  • May 10, 1953: Awarding of the Johann-Peter-Hebel-Prize by the first Baden-Württemberg Minister of Education, Gotthilf Schenkel, due to his services to the preservation of the homeland “in recognition of his folk poetry and work in the spirit of Johann Peter Hebel”. The award was controversial because it was made by the Minister of Education, contrary to suggestions made by the Loerrach Lever Association and the Freiburg Regional Council ; The regional press ironically spoke of "thigh pressure". However, Zumtobel had previously been nominated twice as an award winner from the region. Zumtobel himself writes smugly about this dispute in his memoirs: “The Baden Ministry of Education under Messrs. Wohleb and Fleig [Note: Ministerial Director in the Baden Ministry of Education] only considers people worthy of the leverage price who, although nobody knows anyone in Hebel's homeland, does to be at the forefront of the world's intellectual life ”.


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Archival material

  • Freiburg State Archives, inventory A 40/1 No. 258: complaint against Reinhold Zumtobel, editor of the People's Watch, Freiburg, for offenses against the press law (false claims about the Young German Order ), August – September 1924.
  • Freiburg State Archives, inventory C 5/1 No. 817: Awarding of the Leverage Prize, fascicle 1950–1953.

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