Savior of Redwall

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Television series
German title Savior of Redwall
Original title Redwall
Country of production Canada , France , United Kingdom
Nelvana , TV-Loonland AG
length 22 minutes
Episodes 39 in 3 seasons ( list )
genre Children's program
Theme music Jack Procher
Daniel Fernandez
production Raymond Jafelice (Seasons 1 and 3)
Jafelice and Luc Bihan (Seasons 2)
First broadcast April 12, 1999 on Channel Five
first broadcast
December 17th, 2001 on KiKA

Savior from Redwall is a television series produced by Canadian Nelvana , French Alphanim and German TV-Loonland AG . It is based on the book kingdom Redwall by Brian Jacques . The animated series has three seasons, the first based on the first book Redwall , the second based on the third book Mattimeo and the third based on the sixth book Martin the Warrior .


First season

A young mouse named Matthias lives in Redwall Abbey. Reminiscing about his past life, he recalls that his family was once very poor. During one particularly harsh winter, an army of rats led by Cluny the Tyrant had attacked his village. Matthias saw Cluny shortly before he was saved by his sister. After consulting with the voles, they traveled to Redwall with the still fresh memory of Cluny in mind.

After difficult journeys during which they are watched by Asmodeus, a giant snake, Matthias' sister breaks down and Matthias soon after her. When he comes to, he realizes that he had been taken to Redwall. There the monastery father finally informed him that his sister had died of exhaustion from the trip. Matthias is accepted as a novice in the abbey, where he dreams of becoming such a great warrior as Martin, the warrior mouse. While traveling near the abbey with Constance the badger and some forest dwellers, he spots Cluny and his rats marching on Redwall using a nearby church as their main base. Cluny and his captains go to Redwall. They claim to be travelers and get inside the abbey, where they make their demands of the residents. In a fit of rage, Matthias attacks the besiegers, forcing Cluny and his captains to leave Redwall. When Cluny finds himself outside of the monastery again under this compulsion, Cluny orders his only climber, the ninja-like Shadow, to steal the picture of Martin from the tapestry of the monastery in order to reduce the moral cohesion in Redwall. Shadow succeeds in doing this, but is intercepted by Matthias and falls from the walls to his death. Cluny then takes the picture of Martin as his spoils of war, but realizes that he has nightmares about Martin and Matthias as long as the tapestry is in his possession. This only changes when Matthias' friends, Jess the squirrel and Basilius Hirsch the rabbit, manage to recapture the tapestry.

After a series of battles, Matthias is in search of Martin's sword, believing that it will drive Cluny away if they find it. With Methuselah, the old abbey chronicler, and Kornblume (a young mouse who is close friends with Matthias), they discover that Matthias seems to be the next abbey warrior, just like Martin had been before him. Through a riddle they found under the tapestry, they discover Martin's grave under a stone staircase, where Martin's shield and sword belt are also.

Meanwhile, in order to fix his leg, which was injured in a failed attack, Cluny has the vixen Sela, a healer, and her son, Chicken Dog, come to him. The two try to numb him with a sleeping potion, seize a supposed plan for an attack and in this way gain access to Redwall, where they try to steal some valuables. When Methuselah catches her doing it, he is knocked down by the chicken dog and later succumbs to his injuries. Sela can be captured and is handed over to Cluny, who kills her. The chicken dog manages to escape from the abbey, but he encounters Asmodeus outside and it appears that he has devoured him.

Then Matthias Martins sword scabbard finds in the quarter of wild sparrows, which are ruled by the mad King Bull Sparrow. Matthias steals the scabbard from the camp, kills bull sparrow and befriends a young sparrow named War Feather. From her he learns that Martin's sword had been stolen by Asmodeus. Looking for more information, Matthias meets a tribe of contentious shrews who advise him to ask Captain Snow, a bird of prey, for more information. He tells him that Asmodeus lives in a nearby quarry, but at the same time mocks Matthias because he thinks he has a chance against the snake and gets the sword. He bets Matthias that if Matthias got the sword, he would stop eating mice and shrews and apologize to Julian Gingivere, a vegetarian cat. She used to be friends with Snow until he was banished from his homeland by her because of his manners and his food preferences. After Matthias briefly returned to the abbey, he went on an expedition with the help of Guosim to get the sword. They follow Asmodeus into the big quarry. There Matthias finds the sword and beheads the snake after a bitter fight. In the meantime, Kornblume has discovered Martin's old battle armor in an attic of the abbey.

All this time, Cluny was trying to take Redwall. He had a tunnel built, a battering ram, blackmailed the spice merchant's dormouse in order to kidnap Cornflower and get a ransom, burn down the gates, erect a siege tower, sneak in soldiers who say they are from a local circus that is currently is visiting here. But every time the rats fail and Cluny is showing the first signs that he is slowly going insane.

While Matthias is on his way to gather more troops to fight the rats, Cluny forces the dormouse he has captured to sneak into Redwall and open the gates from the inside. Eventually Cluny and his army invade the abbey. However, Matthias comes back dressed in Martin's armor, supported by an army of shrews and sparrows. Martin realizes that the monastery has been taken over by Cluny and that Cluny is about to execute all the residents of Redwall (starting with Cornflower). The sight of Matthias, dressed like the mouse in Cluny's dreams, finally frightens Cluny so much that he sends his troops against Martin and his army. In the ensuing battle between the army of Cluny and the mixed defenders of Redwall, Cluny kidnaps Cornflower and hides in the bell tower. When Matthias follows them, Cluny ambushes him and starts a duel, which leads both of them to the top of the bell tower. Cluny jumps down, catches Cornflower again and threatens to kill her unless Mathias comes downstairs to face him. Mathias vows to do so if Cluny releases Cornflower. Cluny releases Cornflower and Matthias kills Cluny by cutting the bell ropes, causing the abbey bell to fall down on Cluny and kill him immediately.

After the battle it is revealed that Abbot Mortimer was mortally wounded and will die. Before he dies, he declares Matthias an abbey warrior and Cornflower his wife.

The epilogue tells you how life in Redwall is returning to normal. The sparrows are now ruled by War Feather, who is a good ruler. In addition, the Sparra are now friends with the residents of Redwall. Some of the shrews have chosen to stay in Redwall and learn the craft of beekeeping. You want to talk to the bees so they can argue with them. The new abbot is Brother Mordalfus, previously known as Brother Alf. Matthias and Kornblume are now happily married and have a son named Mattimeo. (This seems to be short for Matthias Methuselah Mortimer - possibly MATThIas MEthuselah mOrtimer.) The new abbey chronicler, Hans Kirchenmaus, says at the end that the gates of Redwall are always open to travelers and viewers are invited to visit, if they are ever in transit.

Second season

Several years after Cluny's death, Matthias and Kornblume have a son, Mattimeo. He thinks he's special because he's the son of a warrior. When Mattimeo even fights against Vitsch, a young rat who was recently admitted to the abbey, his father rebukes him severely and explains to him that one has to earn to be a real warrior.

One night while the Redwall residents are partying, they are interrupted by the masked fox, Slagar the Cruel. This is a chicken dog, the son of the vixen Sela, who was thought dead by the Redwallers. In fact, he had escaped then, but his face was affected. Now Slagar wants revenge on Redwall: He stuns everyone and kidnaps the children from the abbey with his followers. It turns out that Vitsch is Slagar's spy and provided him with the necessary information.

Matthias, Basilius Hirsch Hase and Jess set out to save the children, gaining old and new allies on their way, such as the Guasim tribe or the badger Orlando, whose daughter Auma was also kidnapped by Slagar. During her time in slavery, Mattimeo matures more and more into a real hero, who also stands up for the weaker.

Meanwhile, in her absence, things start to go wrong for Redwall. It comes under attack from ravens led by General Eisenschnabel. The ravens eat all of their food and sleep. However, the residents of Redwall strike back by pretending that there is a ghost in Martin's armor to scare away the ravens. They later rescue a mountain bird named Stryke, who is tormented and injured by the ravens. Finally, Eisenschnabel finds out about the attempted deception after seeing Konstanze carry off Martin's armor and locks her in a shed. However, Konstanze manages to break free and rushes to join the other residents of Redwall when the newly recovered Stryke kills Ironbeak, causing the other ravens to leave Redwall.

Matthias and his companions manage to follow Slagar's trail to an old, hidden abbey. There you can free not only the children but also many other slaves. Orlando and Matthias chase Slagar until he falls into a well and perishes. Eventually the company returns to Redwall with the children and the other slaves. The former slaves and Matthias' companions settle in Redwall. Matthias, Basil and Orlando begin training the next generation of defense lawyers in Redwall.

Third season

Seven summers after Matthias returned, the residents of Redwall listened to the story of Tim Kirchenmaus, who by then had been the abbey chronicler for two years. It's about how her hero Martin Krieger became so famous. In the countries of the Marshank coast, the terrible Badrang tyrannizes with its increasing piracy attacks and forces the warrior Lukas, Martin's father, to go out to sea to fight the rats there. He leaves his sword to his son and tells him never to let anyone else take it. Years later, Martin is captured by Badrang and this sword is taken from him. The young mouse has served as a slave in Marshank Fortress for many years. When he is defending an old squirrel named Barkjon, Badrang hangs him outside in the rain, where hungry seagulls peck him. Later he comes to a prison pit with Felldoh and Brome. Meanwhile, an old friend of Badrang, Tramun Clogg, comes to take Marshank. Brome's sister, Laterose, and her friend, Grumm the mole, arrive at the same time and begin digging a path into the prison pit as Clogg begins his siege. The five eventually get to Clogg's boats and manage to hog one of them. However, the boat has a hole so it is flooded. In addition, the group is separated not only by an angry storm, but also by a fish. Martin, Rose and Grumm are captured by shrews at the end of this adventure. They meet the hedgehog Pallum. After rescuing Queen Amballa's son, Dinjer, they are released to go to Noonvale, Rose's home.

In the meantime, Brome and Felldoh had washed ashore somewhere else where they met the "Rosehip Players", a traveling circus. He agrees to help them free the slaves in Marshank. To Clogg's amusement, they actually get inside Marshank and free most of the slaves. A few days later, Brome disguises himself as a rat to get inside so he can free the other slaves through the tunnel in the prison pit.

On the way to Noonvale, society made many new friends, such as the overseer of Marshwood Hill or Boldred, an owl, but also many enemies, such as the uncivilized, cannibalized lizards or the rogue Gawtrybe. With the help of the shrews and otters, they get to Noonvale, but are unable to assemble an army to defeat Badrang. However, many are drawn to Martin's affair, including the Gawtrybe, as he makes his way back to Marshank.

Clogg takes his chance to capture Marshank while Badrang isn't there. However, Badrang knows the tunnel into the prison pit. So he succeeds in getting Clogg's soldiers to swear allegiance to him and making Clogg his slave. Felldoh becomes obsessed with Badrang's fall that he begins solo attacks against him. When he confronts Badrang in a duel and has actually already defeated Badrang, he is beaten to death in an ambush by Badrang's subordinates. Only Martin can push Badrang with his army into a corner. They burn down the Marshank Gate and begin their attack. In the turmoil of the fight, Martin succeeds in taking his father's sword and killing Badrang with it. Unfortunately, Badrang had stabbed and killed Rose during the battle. The freedom fighters return to Noonvale while Martin goes his own way as Noonvale reminds him too much of his beloved Rose.

At the end of the last episode, Tim Church Mouse explains that from now on Martin devoted his life entirely to the service of peace and consequently founded Redwall Abbey. Since travelers from Noonvale came to the monastery later and told the story of their hero, Martin the warrior, this tradition has been preserved to this day.


role Original speaker German speakers Season (s) Episodes
Martin the warrior Ben Campbell
Amos Crawley
Walter from Hauff
Marc Stachel
1-3 1-26
Constance Janet Wright Karin Anselm 1-2 1-26
Basil's Stag Hare
Richard Binsley Claus Brockmeyer 1-2
Matthias Tyrone Savage Johannes Wolko
Christian Weygand
1-2 1-13
Cornflower Alison Pill
Melissa McIntyre
Jana Julie Kilka
Melanie Jung
1-2 1-13
Pre-mole Wayne Robson Hansi Kraus 1-2 1-26
Junker Julius of Gingivere
Keith Knight Norbert Gastell 1
8, 12, 13
Captain Snow Richard Denison Donald Arthur 1 8, 12, 13
Cluny, the tyrant
Diego Matamoros Thomas Rauscher 1
Abbot Mortimer Chris Wiggins Karl-Heinz Krolzyk 1 1-13
Brother methuselah Wayne Robson Günter Wolf 1 1-5
Tim Curry Gudo Hoegel 1–2
3, 14-26
Mattimeo Michael Seater Daniel Haidinger 2 13-26
Orlando the ax Anthony Confession Manfred Erdmann 2 14-26
General Iron Beak Wayne Best Ulrich Frank 2 19-26
Rose of Noonvale Lindsey Connell Sonja Reichelt 3 27-39
Grumm Trencher Graham Haley Reinhard Brock 3 27-39
Felldoh Ali Mukaddam Daniel hose 3 27-38
Keylah Noah Reid Max fields 3 28-39
Captain Tramun Clogg John Stocker Manfred Erdmann 3 27-39
Black claw Ben Campbell, Simon Smithies Thomas Albus 1 1-13

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