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Daniel hose (2016)

Daniel hose (* 28. December 1982 in Munich ) is a German voice actor , dialogue author , dialogue director and lawyer . He is the German voice of the Hollywood actor Zac Efron and the character Monkey D. Luffy from the anime series One Piece .


Daniellauch was born in Munich in 1982 . In 1994 he applied to be a young voice actor and received his first roles in the same year. After initially having many smaller roles in various productions, he took on his first leading role in the series Party of Five in September 1995 . This was followed by the setting of numerous feature and cinema films, series, voice-over productions and documentaries, audio and computer games, and commercials.

With the synchronization of Ryoga Hibiki in the animated series Ranma ½ he got into the field of anime in 2001 . Two years later he was engaged for the role of pirate captain Luffy in the anime series One Piece , which he has since voiced in over 600 episodes, numerous feature films and side productions.

In 2006 Daniellauch was cast on the role of Troy Bolton in the American film / musical production High School Musical and thus the Hollywood actor Zac Efron , whom he subsequently set to music in all of his productions.

In addition to his activities, Daniellauch studied law in Munich and Greifswald and graduated successfully in 2012.

Speaking roles (selection)

Mayumi Tanaka as Monkey D. Luffy

Zac Efron



Radio plays

  • 2008: James E. Barry - Peter Pan as Peter Pan (Titania Special, episode 3)
  • 2008: ANNE in Windy Poplars - as Lewis Allen (episodes 13 & 15 & 16)
  • 2014: Horror Cabinet as Thaddeus Gardner (episode 90), Ned Higgins (episode 93) and Robert Grandios (episode 95)

Video games

  • 1996: Peter and the Wolf as Peter
  • 1996: Timmy and the Lion Child as Timmy
  • 1996: Timmy and the Dream Trap as Timmy
  • 1996: Timmy and the Birthday Party as Timmy
  • 2017: Overwatch as a commentator on the Lució-ball game mode

Individual evidence

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