Danny Phantom

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Television series
German title Danny Phantom
Original title Danny Phantom
New Danny Phantom Logo.jpg
Country of production USA , Canada
original language English
Year (s) 2004-2007
length 22 minutes
Episodes 53 in 3 seasons
genre Comedy , action series
idea Butch Hartman
music Butch Hartman (lyrics), Guy Moon (melody)
First broadcast April 3, 2004 on Nick
first broadcast
September 17th, 2005 on Nick

Danny Phantom is an animated series that has been shown by Nick Germany since September 17, 2005 . The series is written by Butch Hartman , who also created Cosmo and Wanda - When Elves Help ( The Fairly OddParents ). The series won two BMI Cable Awards in 2004 : For Butch Hartman and Guy Moon .

Danny Phantom was animated by the Rough Draft Studios in Seoul , Korea , which have also animated series such as The Simpsons and Star Wars: Clone Wars .


The focus of the series is 14-year-old Danny Fenton, who through an accident with a ghost portal becomes a being that is half human and half ghost , whereby he can switch between human or ghost form almost at will. Since that accident, he has made it his mission to fight evil spirits as "Danny Phantom". The opening sequence of the series always offers a brief outline of the events.

His ghost powers are known only to his two best friends, Sam and Tucker. During the course of the series, Danny's older sister Jazz also learns his secret, but he doesn't know anything about it. The fact that his parents are ghost hunters makes things even more difficult. There is no way you must find out that he is half a ghost. In the course of the series it even becomes their declared aim to catch the so-called "ghost boy" because they do not know that he is their own son.

In every episode, Danny and his friends have problems that need to be solved.


main characters

Daniel "Danny" Fenton / Danny Phantom

Danny Fenton or Danny Phantom is the protagonist of the series and at the same time namesake. Like his two best friends Tucker Foley and Sam Manson, he is 14 years old and goes to Caspar High School in his hometown Amity Park with them ( amity = friendship, good understanding; intended to illustrate the petty-bourgeois character of the city). Due to an accident with the ghost portal developed by his parents, his DNA mixed with ectoplasm . Since then he has been half human and the other half spirit ( i.e. a half spirit ), which allows him to switch back and forth between these two figures.

As a person, Danny looks completely normal. He often behaves nervously and clumsily and always tries not to stand out from the crowd, although at his school he is more likely to be counted among the outsiders . Nevertheless, he raves about his popular classmate Paulina.

If he transforms into his alter ego Danny Phantom, his hair changes from black to white, his eyes change from blue to a bright green and his clothes change back to the protective suit he was wearing during the accident - in reverse color. He often announces the transformation with the words "Time for spirit powers" (English "I'm going ghost!").

In the course of the series, he learns to control the spirit powers that Danny has in his ghost form (and partly also as a human) better and better. Basically he can fly, make himself invisible , go through walls (or any normal matter), fire energy beams, take possession of other people and sense the proximity of spirits through his spirit breath. Danny discovered some skills late (e.g. the ghost howler and crynogesis techniques ) - which are skills that Vlad does not have mastered. Others he tries to master in vain at first (like Vlad's self- reproduction which he only masters in the episode 3: 4 Torrent of Terror ). However, especially at the beginning, it often turns back involuntarily, individual body parts become unintentionally invisible or immaterial . At the beginning only Tucker and Sam know about the accident and the resulting forces. In the last episode he saves the world from destruction by an asteroid with the help of all the spirits of the spirit world and thus becomes the hero of the whole earth. In addition, in this episode he finally confesses his secret to his parents and the whole world and gets together with Sam. The two are now a couple.

Tucker "Tuck" Foley

Tucker is, along with Sam, Danny's best friend and a keen on technology. His constant companion is therefore his beloved PDA , with the help of which he also supports Danny's fight against ghosts: Initially only used for time management , he is able to use it for communication and data transfer or even manipulate technical equipment. In addition, as you would expect, Tucker has enormous technical expertise.

At times, Tucker talks more than is good for him or others and has caused inconvenience in this way on several occasions. Aside from that, one of his favorite pastimes is trying to meet up with other women. Persistent setbacks do not prevent him from trying again and again, but reinforce his love for technology. Since this is not exactly cheap, Tucker is willing to do the most impossible things for money. He is elected the new mayor in the last episode, making him the youngest mayor in Amity Park's history.

Samantha "Sam" Manson

Sam Manson is Danny's best friend and, at first glance, an average Gothic fan. She mostly wears black clothes, likes heavy metal and punk, and is interested in the supernatural . She understands this as an expression of her individuality , which she defends in particular against her parents, who have a completely different approach to life. Above all, Sam excels as an environmental activist who campaigns for the rights of animals, cares about the future of nature and also practices a strict, but fictional form of vegetarianism out of conviction : ultra-recycled vegetarianism .

Although she and her family are very wealthy, she hides this fact in order to make true friends. So she is not spoiled, but often overly critical and sometimes tries to impose her opinion on other people. Just like Tucker, she also supports Danny in the fight against ghosts. As one learns in "Revenge of the genie in a bottle," she was largely responsible for Danny's momentous accident, as she encouraged Danny to try out his parents' ghost portal. Sometimes there are hints that there is more than just a friendship between her and Danny. However, both deny this. However, in the last episode there is the first real kiss between the two. Sam is finally dating Danny.

Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton

Jazz is Danny's older sister and, unlike him, is an intelligent and respected successful person. However, this leads them to opinionated behavior, which is often perceived as cold by outsiders and led Danny to the statement that she was an "imaginary snob ". In fact, however, she is only concerned about her younger brother and as a result, overprotective. She initially considers the hunt for ghosts to be a “sick occupation” and, in particular, her interest in psychology makes her doubt the intellectual power of her ghost-obsessed parents.

But when she herself encounters ghosts in 1: 9 “Appearances are deceptive” and even finds out that Danny is the ghost boy, she begins to support his fight. If there are dangerous situations with his spirit powers (for example in the presence of his parents), she keeps his identity hidden - and for a long time she does not tell him anything about her knowledge ("He will tell me when he is ready."). It was not until late, in 2: 9 "Left by all good spirits" , Danny discovered.

Although jazz has hunted down some ghosts on its own, it is generally clumsy at ghost hunting. She has sucked Danny into the Fenton thermos capsule several times.

Important supporting characters


Paulina is Danny's crush. She is wealthy and careful to only dress according to the latest fashion trends. There is only one person she really desires: Danny Phantom. Without realizing that he and the boring Danny Fenton are the same person, she constantly makes fun of the latter.

Dash Baxter

Dash is the best athlete at Casper High. He is a member of the school's basketball, baseball, and football teams. He never misses an opportunity to beat Danny or Tucker, stick them in their school closets, or bully them . In addition to his sportiness, he is also characterized by his incredible stupidity.


Star is a friend of Paulina and takes Valerie's place with the popular students. Tucker is in love with her, but she is not interested in him. Star is also a snob, who makes fun of everything and everyone who is less popular than her. Tucker also often dreams of having a mansion with Danny as the caretaker and two girlfriends who both look like stars.

Mr. Lancer

He is an English teacher at Casper High and at first glance he is quite strict, but he is very committed to his students. Like most of the others, Lancer has no inkling of Danny's double life, but notices that his absenteeism has increased significantly since the ghost boy appeared. When something upsets him, he likes to quote book titles.

Jack Fenton

Jack Fenton is Danny's father. He's crazy about capturing and examining ghosts. The ghost portal was created in earlier times from joint research with Danny's current adversary, Vladimir. Jack, like his wife Maddie, wears the tight-fitting latex ghost suit that he claims would cause a rash without him. Jack sees a ghost in everything and everyone and would like to shoot anything that moves. The family's common sense tends to be found on the female side, so his wife Maddy or his daughter Jazz is always in the right place at the right time to slow down his stormy father. Jack is also the clumsy family, which means that he regularly finds himself in situations that are extremely embarrassing for his family. Over the course of the series, Jack's skill improves and his work as a ghost hunter is slowly being accepted and recognized by outsiders.

Madeline "Maddie" Fenton

She is Danny's mother and her dream is to capture a ghost and dissect it with Jack . She is understanding and a very good shooter. Maddie was Vlad's crush at university. Her trademark is a blue suit, which she claims, like Jack's orange suit, is all the rage.

Danny's spirit ally

These are the ghosts who have no grudge against Danny for helping them in risky situations.

  • Klemper is always looking for a friend. But that's why she is very affectionate.
  • Lupus is a werewolf spirit that can switch between dimensions. He speaks Esperanto and is wanted in the spirit world for $ 1,000,000.
  • Dora can transform into a dragon and lives in a medieval world where women have nothing to say.
  • Cujo is a ghost dog who can be either a cute puppy or a raging beast.
  • Clockwork the zeitgeist, monitors time, can stop, accelerate or run backwards. He always alternates between appearing as a boy, an adult and an old man.
  • Frostbite Leader of yeti-like spirits who pay homage to Danny as the hero of the spirit world. It was also he who taught Danny to control his ice forces, as these are very common in his tribe.
  • Danielle "Dani" Phantom is a female clone of Danny made by Vlad. She has all of Danny's abilities (except for self-replication, ghost howl, and cryokinesis).
  • The Milk King helps Danny when he's stuck in a Skulker invention.
  • Pandora helps Danny when the box ghost steals her box to change his reputation and release the evil inside her, defeat him and recapture the evil.
  • Amorpho the Faceless is a morphing ghost that helps Danny Phantom transform back into Danny Fenton. Although he was hostile to Danny at first, it turned out that he was just jealous as Danny took his attention away.

Main adversary

Vladimir "Vlad" Masters / Plasmius (also Count of Greed or Greed)

Vladimir Masters was Jack Fenton's best friend during his college days, as well as in a research group with him and Maddie. There they were already working on a prototype of the ghost portal back then, but Vlad was involved in an accident through Jack's fault: his hair color turned from black to white, his face was (temporarily) disfigured by ecto - acne , but above all he was with it Endowed with spirit powers. His external stigmata ruined his life, but this did not prevent him from attaining enormous wealth with the help of his new skills.

He appears for the first time in the episode 1: 7 Flying Spies when he decides after 20 years to host a class reunion in his castle. In fact, however, he plans to take revenge on Jack and win over Maddie, with whom he has been in love since college. Vlad is the only known demi-ghost besides Danny and is commonly viewed as his archenemy. Due to the time difference, however, he is already in better control of his powers and has some special attacks, such as self-reproduction (he is able to create hundreds of shadow-like doppelgangers). Sometimes he tries to win Danny over or to manipulate him for his purposes and often insists that they are very similar. In an alternate future, happened in 2: 9 Forsaken by all good spirits , Vlad even takes Danny into himself. In the episode 3: 1 Eye for an Eye , he becomes mayor of Amity Park using a trick. In the end, however, his only interest is Maddie, whatever the means to that end. At last he confesses his secret to the whole world that he is a half-spirit. He wants to save the world from an asteroid if you pay him $ 500 billion and let him rule the world. However, this fails because ghosts cannot touch the asteroid. Although he asks Jack for help, he leaves Vlad behind in space and flies back to earth without him. Out of shame he disappears into space and is finally captured by the said asteroid. His fate is uncertain.

Valerie (Val) Gray

Valerie Gray is one of Danny's classmates at Caspar High. She made her first appearance in 1: 3 Geist sein is everything and, unlike Danny and his circle of friends, originally belongs to the socially respected students. In the episode 1:10 ghost surfer , however, her father, Damon Gray, loses his job as the person responsible for the safety of his company when it is ravaged by a ghost dog (in the presence of Danny Phantom). Valerie's family then gets into financial hardship, as a result of which she loses her social status on the one hand and becomes a ghost hunter on the other in order to take revenge on the supposedly responsible person - the ghost boy. Their sophisticated ghost hunting equipment is funded by an unknown benefactor who turns out to be Vlad Masters.

Her ignorance of Danny's spirit powers leads to the paradoxical situation that she befriends Danny Fenton while she regards Danny Phantom as her archenemy and fights with all her might. Even so, she works with him on occasion when it's the only way to defeat a common enemy (as seen in Papa Danny , The Ghost King, and D-Stabilized ). In 2:10 , the technician almost even succeeds in pairing Valerie with Danny. In this episode she also gets a new ghost hunting suit from Technikus after her old one was destroyed by Danny. In D-Stabilized, she also helps Danny save Danielle Phantom from Vlad Plasmius. In this episode she also finds out that Vlad Masters and Vlad Plasmius are one and the same person.

Dark Danny / Dan Phantom

This is Danny who has become a callous full spirit in another future. After Danny's family and all his friends including Mr. Lancer died in an explosion in the "Nasty Burger", he lets Vlad remove his ghost powers because they didn't bring him anything when he needed them most. The spirit created in this way becomes independent, however, also takes Vlad's powers (whereby Vlad's evil side takes control of Danny's body) in order to make himself even stronger and finally kills his human self. He was also the first known ghost to rule the ghost howl.

Prince Pariah / Pariah Dark

He is the king of spirits. He was the only spirit able to control the force between the crown of fire and the ring of anger . After a long and cruel reign, he was defeated by a group of powerful ancient spirits and locked in the sarcophagus of eternal sleep . He was awakened by greed as he was looking for the power of the Spirit King. Pariah then decided to subjugate the human world. Ultimately, he was defeated by Danny and imprisoned again.

Frederick Isaak Showenhower / Freakshow

He is a ringmaster and ran the Gothica Circus which was founded especially for Goths, Punks and Goths. However, he had a special relic: a staff which as soon as a ghost sees him, is immediately under freak shows control. He could bring three, actually peaceful, ghosts under his control and force them to lead raids through the whole of Amity Park. He was also able to hypnotize Danny and uses him for his dark purposes. In the circus he forces Danny to push Sam off a tightrope. Danny was able to briefly interrupt the hypnosis and save Sam. Since the parents of Amity Park are totally against the circus, Freakshow offers them a free trial of his circus. However, he tried to torment the visitors with his most loyal ally, Lydia. Meanwhile, Sam and Tucker are kidnapped by Freakshow and his ghost subjects and dragged onto the traveling circus train. There the showdown against Freakshow begins, in which Danny gets the baton in his hands. Sam falls from the train and threatens to fall into the depths. Danny was able to interrupt the hypnosis again and save Sam, but dropped the stick, which then breaks. Danny and the three other ghosts are free and Freakshow is arrested. In the double episode “Die Macht der Steine” (The Power of Stones), Freakshow tries to put together the glove of reality and finally succeeds. However, Danny was able to use psychology to get Freakshow to transform into a ghost and capture him. Danny undoes all damage to the world and lets everyone (except Sam, Tucker and Jazz) forget who Danny Phantom is. Freakshow is finally converted back and delivered to the men in white.

Voice actor

role English speaker German speaker
Danny Fenton / Phantom David Kaufman Daniel hose
Tucker Foley Rickey D'Shon Collins Stefan Günther
Sam Manson Gray DeLisle Angela Wiederhut
Jazz Fenton Colleen O'Shaughnessy Natalie Loewenberg
Jack Fenton Rob Paulsen Walter von Hauff
Maddie Fenton Kath Soucie Alisa Palmer
Vlad Masters / Plasmius Martin Mull Tobias Lelle
Dash Baxter S. Scott Bullock Dirk Meyer
Mr. Lancer Ron Perlman Kai Taschner

Premature end

The broadcaster Nickelodeon has announced the stop of production after 53 episodes. The reasons for this are unknown. All episodes have already been broadcast in the USA . All episodes have been shown on Nickelodeon UK before. The announcement of the production stop led to a demonstration in front of the Viacom headquarters in New York at the end of July 2006 .

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