Jimmy Neutron

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Television series
German title Jimmy Neutron
Original title The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2002-2006
length 25 minutes
Episodes 60 in 3 seasons
genre Children's series , comedy
idea John A. Davis
production Paul Marshal
music Brian Causey
First broadcast July 20, 2002 to November 25, 2006 on Nickelodeon
first broadcast
November 9, 2002 on Super RTL

Jimmy Neutron ( English The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius ) is the main character in the American computer-animated television series of the same name . The series was commissioned by Nickelodeon as an offshoot of the 2001 film Jimmy Neutron - The Courageous Inventor .

It was discontinued in the US in July 2006. In Germany it is repeated at irregular intervals. From autumn 2010 an offshoot called Planet Max was produced. This is no longer about Jimmy Neutron himself, but about one of his best friends Max, who crashed into a strange planet with Jimmy's rocket.

main characters

Jimmy Neutron

James Isaac Neutron, called Jimmy , and from his father Jimbo , is a highly intelligent, eleven-year-old boy with a disproportionately large head, who always brings about the most amazing experiments and inventions. However, Jimmy often makes serious mistakes in the development of the devices he invented, which lead to the fact that he is forced to avert the resulting threats and to save his hometown Retroville or even the world several times. He is only too aware of his high intellect and does not often shine through modesty. In general he is very righteous, friendly and naive, sometimes he appears self-centered, stubborn and heated. Jimmy is not very popular at school, is sometimes seen as a bore until you approach him anxiously and ask for his help, and in general as quite 'uncool'. He often reacts emotionally hurt to the ridicule and teasing of his classmates, but most of the time he cannot recognize their obvious disinterest in his long lectures. Unfortunately, his passion for science is only too often met with incomprehension and indifference in the rest of his environment, which on the one hand often frustrates him, on the other hand only makes his ego grow, as he feels able to see everything and everyone as intellectually inferior with the exception of his great idols, of course, all of whom are great men (or women, as in the case of Marie Curie) of science, to whom he has sincere admiration. He is easy to get carried away with loud debates, is always convinced of the effectiveness and social benefits of his inventions, opinionated, envious, less gifted in the arts and in sports, sees himself as the leader of his group of friends, has many enemies and is one despite his ingenuity very ordinary boy with a harmonious family life. His best friends are Karl Keucher and Max Estevez, both of whom are far less intelligent than himself and extremely eccentric, but mostly very loyal, and his robot dog Robbie, which he constructed himself. These support him in his rescue operations and other adventures, even if not always very successfully. Jimmy's archenemy, on the other hand, is Cindy Vortex, a classmate with whom he incessantly argues at any time and at any opportunity. Their quarrels are almost legendary and if you ask a retroviller: “Are they always like this?” You will probably get the answer: “Yes, but deep down they really hate each other.” (“The egg-perium strikes back. “) But in the course of the series it becomes clear that the two secretly like each other and are even in love with each other, but both deny this.

Frank and Judy Neutron

Jimmy's parents are named Frank ( Hugh ) and Judy Neutron. The somewhat quirky but lovable Frank works for an automotive company and has a passionate interest in ducks and cakes. Judy is the talented artisan, the mistress of the house and is known for her delicious pastries. Furthermore, Judy Neutron is very hygiene-conscious, almost obsessed with cleanliness and intelligent. Frank Neutron, on the other hand, seems naive, playful and not too smart, but he is very loving and caring when it comes to Jimmy. His wife is well aware of Frank's lower intelligence, but the couple are still very friendly.

Although it has long been believed that Jimmy inherited his intellect from his mother, it turned out in the episode The Crawling Genius that the genius gene runs in Frank's family.


Robbie (English Goddard ) is Jimmy's self-made robot dog . He has different skills, such as videotaping all kinds of situations and flying. Whatever is needed, he has it with him. According to Jimmy's statement, he is said to be capable of over 11 million tricks. Because of a programming error by Jimmy, Robbie explodes every time he gives the command "Stand up to death!", But then sits back together independently. Robbie eats aluminum cans for food ; he leaves behind a pile of screws that Frank removes.

He often acts more sensibly than his master, enjoys the good life when he can, and is the most reliable and long-standing friend of his inventor. In one episode, he even has a brief romance with an alien bitch named Roxy, a green-skinned, canine-like female with three purple tails.

Karl Keucher

Karlton Ulysses "Karl" Keucher ( Carl Wheezer ) is a rather clumsy and overweight boy with asthma who, however, can suddenly become very ungrateful and power-obsessed in some episodes. He is ten years old, Jimmy's officially best friend, known for having a stomach that can digest almost anything, behaves in ways that sometimes do not correspond to his chronological age at all, such as crying out for his mother or her Jimmy's when he's in an awkward position. His passion is llamas , for whom he can overcome all his fears. Like all members of his family, he is a hypochondriac . Karl is secretly in love with Jimmy's mother Judy Neutron and usually carries an edited photo of herself and her with him. There are a few unintentional slips of the tongue on his part, who betray his strange affection, but these are usually only returned with a confused look from Jimmy's and Max's side. Despite the fact that Karl has a lot of allergies and is afraid of all sorts of living beings and objects, Jimmy mostly tries out his inventions on him.

He loves to sing without being aware of the fact that he has no musicality and that his songs are extremely annoying. In the episode The Swedish pen pal , Karl finds his first girlfriend, Elke Elkberg, a light blonde beauty, and his first kiss, but the relationship is never discussed again and Karl returns to his crush on Jimmy's mother.

Max Estevez

Maximiliano "Max" Guevara Estevez (English Sheen Juarrera Estevez - an allusion to the actor Charlie Sheen , real name Carlos Irwin Estévez ), called Max, is of Mexican descent and is next to Karl Jimmy's best friend. He is twelve years old and in the same class as Jimmy and Karl, because he had to repeat a school year twice each time and is considered the 'weirdo' of the class. Hyperactive, addicted to candy, with an annoying voice, he considers himself a real male 'hombre' (man) and with an inexplicable love for electric shocks Max adores the comic superhero "Ultra-Lord" to the bitter end and owns all the action figures Ultra- Lords, every special edition, even one with the wrong language chip. Thanks to his annoying nature and tendency to ruin everything, he is perceived by his friends as a burden, but is basically a good-natured soul.

Due to a failed experiment by Jimmy, Max is in love with Libby, but even long after the experiment has been corrected, the two are very close and are, at first secretly, in love with each other. The affection between the two, however, is fairly relaxed, natural, and develops smoothly until Libby actually becomes his steadfast girlfriend in the episode The Chosen One .

Max's mother is never featured on the series and it is very likely that she is no longer alive.

Cindy Vortex

Cynthia Aurora "Cindy" Vortex is the counterpart to Jimmy. She is blonde, exceptionally intelligent, athletic, artistically very gifted, loud, greedy for money, moody, grandiose, sometimes a little snobbish and with great expectations of herself, for which she also has others hindered to gain an advantage yourself. One look into her pink bedroom is enough to suspect that behind this tough facade there is also a more sensitive, yes, romantic girl. Her pride and stubbornness often get in the way of trying to open up to others; she hates to admit weakness or even to agree with her archenemy.

Jimmy is her favorite target for teasing and pranks, and she hits him hard, especially at the beginning of the series. Her hatred of him stems from the fact that moving to town stole her reputation and status as the smartest kid in Retroville. She loves to sabotage him, to give him names like 'Blödtron' or 'Elephant Skull' and to spoil the most beautiful moment at the last minute. From season 2 at the latest, however, it becomes obvious that all of their mockery seems to have another reason. There are always small, strange moments between the two that show that they are secretly very fond of each other behind the whole argument - a fact that not only both completely deny, but neither wants to deal with either, although the two almost kiss three times and Cindy often shows strong jealousy whenever Jimmy shows interest in another girl. But when the two stranded on a desert island, they open up more than ever, admit that their arguments are actually pointless, and Cindy even expresses a certain sadness when both are saved. Although after this episode the arguments between the two start again and continue, Cindy's behavior changes slowly and she seems to come to terms with her feelings and she doesn't torment Jimmy and his friends quite as badly as before. She even tries (with success) to get Jimmy's attention through different clothes, perfumes, and makeup, and he admits that she is 'distracting' him. In the final episodes of the series, the affection between the two, although neither of them is willing to admit anything, is evident. Twice (under extreme circumstances) she even wants to confess everything to him, but first faints or gives Jimmy an idea, which then interrupts her (but gives her a kiss on the cheek). Finally, in Victim of the Brainworm , Jimmy finally surprises her when he suddenly takes her hands and kisses her on the way home.

Cindy's best friend is Libby, with whom she has an apparently deep friendship. In the first season, she still had a crush on the cool Nick, but that didn't last long. Not much is known about her family, but her mother is often very presumptuous and snobbish, and her father is not often by her side.

Libby Folfax

Liberty Danielle "Libby" Folfax is Cindy Vortex's best friend and is very interested in fashion, modern music and lifestyle . She knows practically every song and band that has ever existed. One episode revealed that she was descended from an Egyptian ruling family. In a certain way she is the conscience of Cindy, if Cindy exaggerates excessively again and also the only one who knows about her feelings about Jimmy, although she has come to this realization after a long process. Despite her laid-back nature, she can also get quite scary if she gains too much 'power'. At first she only spends time with the boys because of Cindy's hostility towards Jimmy, later, as her friendship with Max deepens, she and Cindy become Jimmy's constant companions. She starts a relationship with Max and is in love with him too. She is eleven years old, but turns twelve in one episode.

Supporting characters

King Goobot

King Goobot is an evil alien and King of the Yokians. He throws an unwanted guests chickens - demon before called Poultra to eat. His first minister is his somewhat retarded brother Ooblar.


Ooblar is King Goobot's assistant. He is also a younger brother of Goobot. In the episode "The League of Villains" Goobot mentions that he was traded for sulfur butter.

Nick Dean

Nick Dean is the coolest kid in school. In truth, however, he is very fearful; when he first saw the chicken Poultra, he ran away screaming. He always skates and sometimes plays the DJ. All the students are obsessed with him, as is himself. Before Cindy fell in love with Jimmy, she had a crush on him.

Betty Quinlan

Betty is a classmate of Jimmy's and was initially his great love. She is always very friendly, compassionate and honest. She is also a very lovable girl. When Jimmy saw her or she just spoke to him, he could no longer have a clear thought and was gone. Although he is shorter than her, she seemed to have genuine feelings for him, if not so deep that she was saddened when she left the field. Because after a violent jealousy attack from Cindy, who harbored a great grudge against her since Betty's first appearance, she promised her with a smile that he was 'hers'.

Professor Finbarr Calamitous

Calamitous is an evil scientist and, alongside Goobot, is Jimmy's archenemy. He is known for never getting anything done and therefore needs Jimmy to finish Calamitous' work. He can usually be seen in a huge fighting robot, as he is too weak to defeat opponents with his own fist. He was also a student of Miss Foul on the side. He also has a grown daughter named "Graziella Wunderschön".

Justus Stritch

Justus Stritch is the richest boy from Retroville and actually not a genius himself. But because of his wealth, he can always hire a research team to invent for him. His only goal is to expose Jimmy. Ironically, Frank gets on well with Justus' father.

Miss Winniefred Foul

Miss Foul is Jimmy's, Cindy's, Carl's, Max, Libbys, Nicks, and Betty's class teacher. She teaches Jimmy's class with a heart and loves all of her students (except Max), and Jimmy and Cindy are her favorite students. It is modeled after a chicken and is often unintentionally endangered by Jimmy's inventions.

Director Willoughby

Headmaster Willoughby is the headmaster of the school. He is energetic and enthusiastic. He has a sister named Eunice who is mentioned in the episode Jimmy's New Job .

Sam Melvick

Sam is the owner of Candy Bar. He's grumpy and choleric. He often speaks sentences that end with yes. He has a relationship with Ms. Foul.

Jet Fusion

Jet Fusion is an action movie star and Jimmy's only idol who is not a scientist. He secretly works at an organization to save the world and is known there as "Agent X". Together with Jimmy, Max and Carl he takes action against Professor Calamitous and develops a love-hate relationship with Calamitous' daughter Graziella. However, he was able to defeat Calamitous along with Jimmy. To the chagrin of Jet, Graziella is taken away with her father. In the episode "When Spies Marry" Graziella is released, the two become a couple and eventually marry.


Bowlbee is a classmate of Jimmy's and comes to school over the course of the series. He doesn't seem very smart and often speaks of himself in the third person. Thanks to Karl's voice, he becomes the new class representative. In the episode “Macbath in Space”, however, it becomes clear that his unintelligent appearance is only a facade, as he speaks with perfect grammar and a deep voice. In the trilogy "A Dangerous Game" he is sucked into space with Jimmy, Karl, Max, Robbie, Libby and Cindy. He is one of the favorite victims of the school bully Butch. Its name "Bowlbee" contains "Bowl" and thus alludes to its rounded shape.


Butch is the school racket and very aggressive. He usually beats up some students for no reason, including Karl, Bowlbee and Oleander.


Oleander is another of Jimmy's classmates. Almost nothing is known about him, except that he is beaten up by Butch every now and then. He also distributes information and owes many more money.


Britney is a classmate of Jimmy's. Your best friends are Cindy and Libby. She has blonde hair tied with two pigtails and braces.

Captain Betty

Captain Betty is an old fisherman. He can be seen frequently, but plays a major role in the episode The Sea Monster . He can take his arm off. He helps Jimmy, Max and Carl find the sea monster. After they find it, the sea monster eats it, but later spat it out again.

Grandma Taters

Grandma Taters is an older woman who is actually an alien. Your only goal is to hypnotize the citizens of Retroville and turn them into happy zombies. Jimmy and Cindy managed to stop them, however.


Brobot is a robot brother built by Jimmy. Brobot drives Jimmy crazy, which is why Jimmy builds two robot parents. Brobot needed Jimmy's help when his parents were kidnapped by the garbage collector. Jimmy thinks Brobot was joking, but Brobot was right. Brobot distracted the garbage collector so Jimmy and his friends can free his parents.


VOX is a computer installed by Jimmys. She gives Jimmy information about her inventions.

Mr. Estevez

Mr. Estevez is Max's father. He's good at repairing air conditioners. In the episode My Father, the Superhero , he is sad because his son spends more time with Ultralord than with him. He asks Jimmy's help so that he can be a superhero too. He wants to make his son happy.

Mrs. Vortex

Mrs. Vortex is Cindy's mother. Her name is actually Sascha Vortex. She was born in France and loves French food. She is good friends with the other parents of the children.


Humprey is Cindy's dog. According to Cindy, he's the best dog.

Garbage man

Garbage Man is a stinky alien who picks up trash all over the galaxy. He has a dog named Roxy. He kidnapped Brobot's parents to make frisbees out of them.


Skeet is a McSpankys employee and is known for his low intelligence and eagerness to work. He is friendly towards Carl and Max, but not towards Jimmy, whom he considers to be of simple disposition.



The series is set in the fictional city 'Retroville', the name of which may allude to the majority of the rather stupid inhabitants portrayed. From various episodes in which the characters are on world trips, it emerged that this Retroville is in the United States, more precisely in Texas, as it is recognized as universally valid by lovers of the show. While there is ample evidence to support this theory, there are also a few instances during the series of which doubts arise. The character Carl Wheezer (German: Karl Keucher) says in the episode Invasion of the Pants that he has an uncle who lives in Texas. Jimmy Neutron himself explains in a much later episode ( The Hollywood Fraud ) that his film is set in Texas, among other places, but that Retroville does not resemble any of the locations.

Important places in Retroville that often play a role during the show are the Lindbergh School, the school yard of said school, the amusement park 'Retroland', the 'Candy Bar', the park, Jimmy's house and neighborhood, as well as a hall in town, which the mayor uses to lead public discussions or to make announcements.

The candy bar

This establishment, held in pink, red and green tones with a huge plastic lollipop on the roof, which is run by a rather harsh man named Sam, is the number one starting point for all children and young people in the city. As the name suggests, the Candy Bar offers numerous types of candies, sweets and ice cream sundaes that seem to be of good taste. The quality of these dishes, however, leaves something to be desired: as a result of the brainworm victim , it is revealed that half of all chocolate sprinkles are actually ants. Despite such comments and tips, the Candy Bar is extremely popular and is frequented by the main characters when they negotiate contracts, have a reason to celebrate or just want to take a break.

The laboratory

Jimmy's laboratory is underground and is located under his clubhouse in the garden, a small wooden hut. There are several ways in which are shown in the series; one leads directly from Jimmy's nursery there, but this one is only used once, after all, it is not yet fully developed. The most traditional way to gain entry is through the clubhouse door, which is protected by many of Jimmy's inventions ("If you survive the security system, bring me the remote control" - Jimmy Neutron in Maternotron ), including an anti- virus Girl alert. A DNA scanner with the computer voice Vorx (which is the artificial intelligence of Jimmy's computer and laboratory), which only reacts to a sample of Jimmy's hair, further increases security. Jimmy himself keeps the knowledge about the entry into his laboratory top secret, besides himself only his two best friends are privy to it. Not even his parents are aware of what exactly is there under their garden.

The lab is Jimmy's favorite place at home. He spends most of his free time there, unless his hometown or even the world has to be saved because of disasters or the failure of an experiment or an invention. At the beginning of the series, girls were vehemently denied entry unless it was absolutely necessary, but this strict rule is gradually defused or partially lifted by Jimmy over time. In the episode League of Evil , the girls Libby and Cindy are even invited by the inventor himself, but on the condition that they do not go behind the line marked in yellow.

Production and publication

The series was produced by DNA Productions and O Entertainment from 2002 to 2004 and directed by Keith Alcorn, Mike Gasaway and Kirby Atkins. The music was composed by Charlie Brissette. The first broadcast took place in three seasons from July 20, 2002 to November 25, 2006 by Nickelodeon in the USA.

The first season was broadcast in Germany from November 9, 2002 by Super RTL . The other seasons followed later on Super RTL and Nick / Nickelodeon . Jimmy Neutron has also been translated into Japanese, Dutch and French, among others.

Turbine Media confirmed on Facebook that they would like to release the series on DVD in 2014. The series was released on DVD on December 5, 2014.


role English speaker German speaker
Jimmy Neutron Debi Derryberry Ilona Brokowski
Cindy Vortex Carolyn Lawrence Cathlen Gawlich
Karl Keucher Rob Paulsen Gerrit Schmidt-Foss
Max Estevez Jeff Garcia Vanya Gerick
Libby Folfax Crystal scales Ranja Bonalana
Frank Neutron Mark DeCarlo Detlef Bierstedt
Judy Neutron Megan Cavanagh Rita Engelmann
Robbie Neutron Frank Welker Stefan Fredrich
Sam Melvick Billy West Friedrich Georg Beckhaus
Miss Fowl Andrea Martin Liane Rudolph
Director Willoughby Rob Paulsen Klaus Jepsen (Season 1)
Wilfried Herbst (Season 2–3)
Justus Stritch Rob Paulsen David Turba
Betty Quinlan Kath Soucie
Nick Dean Candi Milo Sebastian Schulz
Butch Rob Paulsen Christian Gaul
Bolbi Phil LaMarr Andreas Fröhlich
Professor Finbarr Calamitous Tim Curry Norbert Gescher (season 1)
Eberhard Prüter (season 2–3)
King Goobot Patrick Stewart Wolfgang Völz
Ooblar Martin Short Stefan Krause
Corky Shimatsu Billy West Klaus-Dieter Klebsch
Commander Baker Michael Clarke Duncan Tilo Schmitz
Professor Crank Dan Castellaneta Georg Tryphon
Garbage man Charlie Adler Axel Lutter
Meldar Prime Tim Allen Erich Rauker
April Alyssa Milano Tanya Kahana
Captain Betty Jim Cummings Jürgen Kluckert
Mr. Estevez Carlos Alazraqui Gerald Paradise
Baby eddie Mark DeCarlo Lutz Riedel
Yoo-yee James you Marius Clarén
Grandma Taters Edie McClurg Christel Merian

Television films

So far eight television films have been produced for the series.

No. German title Parts Original title
1 The egg perium strikes back two The Egg-pire Strikes Back
2 Secret agent James Neutron two Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion
3 Jimmy Neutron vs. Timmy Turner two The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour
4th Attack of the Twonkies two Attack of the Twonkies
5 Jimmy Neutron vs. Timmy Turner: Friday the thirteenth two The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide
6th Jimmy Neutron vs. Timmy Turner: A gorgeous villain two The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: The Jerkinators
7th A dangerous game three Win, Loose & Kaboom!
8th The League of Evil two The League of Villains

The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour - Jimmy Neutron vs. Timmy Turner

The series crossover "The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour" consists of 3 parts. These special episodes are about Jimmy Neutron from the series Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner from the series Cosmo and Wanda - When Elves Help .

→ See main article: Jimmy Neutron vs. Timmy Turner


Over the years, the series has won five television and audience awards:

year Award Award winner / episode category
2004 Annie Award Jeffrey Garcia as the voice of Max in Halloween in Retroville
2003 BMI Cable Award Charlie Brissette and Brian Causey -
2004 BMI Cable Award Charlie Brissette and Brian Causey -
2004 Golden Reel Award Secret agent James Neutron Best sound
2005 Golden Reel Award N-Man and his friends Best sound

In addition, she was nominated for seven prizes:

year Award Nominee / episode category
2004 Annie Award Mike Gasaway in Secret Agent James Neutron Best director
2004 WGA Award Steven Banks in Secret Agent James Neutron Best animation
2005 Annie Award Keith Alcorn in Jimmy's in love Best director
2005 Annie Award Carolyn Lawrence as Cindy Vortex Best voice on a TV series
2006 Annie Award Chris Painter in Leaping the Future Best script
2006 Nick Kids' Choice Awards - Favorite cartoon series
2007 Kids' Choice Awards - Favorite cartoon series

According to the Guinness Book of Records , the series was the tenth most popular of 2006 .

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